Friday – Double the Fun Day…..

The Phillies played the Blue Jays in two games today. A morning game saw the first outing of Jamie Moyer and a afternoon game saw the first outing of Cole Hamels.

In the morning game Jamie Moyer moyer-1.jpgshowed he still has a little something left, after enduring an off-season of operations and hospital visits, Moyer took to the mound  Friday morning in a ‘B’ game against the Blue Jays and threw three scoreless innings. Moyer gave up 3 hits and picked up 3 strikeouts in his 3 innings. The Phillies ended up losing this one 3-2, this game doesn’t affect preseason standings.

The afternoon game started by giving the Philadelphia fans a moment of anguish as Hamels second pitch was hit long by Bautista for a home run, then hamels-1.jpgHamels managed to walk the second batter, Hill, after which Hamels seemed to settle down for the remainder of his 2 innings work, striking out 2 batters. He did manage to mix in some of his newer pitches, which for Hamels is good for his first outing in preseason games. The pitching staff following Hamels didn’t fair quite so well as the 4th inning saw Toronto put 8 runs on the board, Bastardo was the only Phillies pitcher to come away with a clean slate on the day. The Phillies also managed to knock in a few runs as they ended up losing this game 14-9, needless to say both teams had pitchers and players working on the revolving door process, good luck if you kept a full score card on this one.

Around Baseball

The Tampa Bay Rays almost threw away a 7 run lead to the Yankees, but ended up holding on to win the game 12-7. For awhile in the middle innings it was touch and go as to whether the Yankees/Rays game or the Phillies/Jays game would have more runs.

The Nats and the Braves were also trying to have the highest scoring game of the day as the Braves beat the Nats 11-8, however the honor of highest score went to the Astros and Tigers as the Tigers beat the Astros 17-7. I am sure the Tigers fans will savor this achievement, since it could be the last this year.

The Mets were playing split squad games today against the Cards and the Marlins. They managed a win against the Cards, but lost to the Fish.

Of course Jose Reyes found a reason not to play in either of the Mets games, but instead flew back to New York with a possible ‘thyroid imbalance’. Speculatively speaking, the blood in his brain could just be dizzy from all the spinning, this claim could be squashed if they prove he’s not brainless,  but then who knows, now a ‘roid‘ has been attached to his name the possible outcomes are almost endless.

any sarcasm is not meant to offend, unless it does, then consider the possibilities of more during the season.


9 Comments on “Friday – Double the Fun Day…..”

  1. redstatebluestate says:

    I have been trying to figure out some good thyroid jokes since I heard the news about Jose B. Reyes… but I still can’t. (Working on it though).

  2. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – If theres a joke to be had (and there is many) you’ll figure it out, I’m sure

    Jane – I agree, the fun is no matter what the score it could all change in the bottom of the 9th…


  3. Jane Heller says:

    Don’t you love all these high scoring games during spring training? Says something about the rustiness of pitchers, I guess.

  4. TribeTed says:

    Reyes says he feels “fine.” 🙂

    We know how that one goes. He wants to play until he collapses, and I like that in the kid, but when you have that, don’t say ya feel fine.

    The guy’s gonna hurt himself one of these days.

    Love the way your managing the blog by the way.


  5. crazy19canuck says:

    Hey Peter! How are you? Those high scoring games are more like a ping pong game some days. During the Rays/Yankees game it just looked like the boys were taking batting practice! LOL! At least it was fun to watch…sort of.

  6. sdfaninco says:

    Like to see some real life pitch-by-pitch kind of updates on two pitchers who need to bounce back back this year. Who do you think has a better chance at a comeback season? Moyer or Hamels?


  7. devilabrit says:

    Ted – Personally i think Reyes is overrated as well as being irritating…but thats just me

    Ginny – That was a fun game for the Rays yesterday, today a little tighter for them

    Matt – I think both have a good chance of come back years, Moyer may end up in the pen in the second half of season, but I think Hamels will prove himself, with his added pitches it should make him less predictable


  8. raysrenegade says:

    Hamels is under the same funk as most starters ( except Halladay) right now where he might be trying to throw more fastballs than breaking stuff and guys are teeing off on it.
    If after the next two starts he still shows signs of pulling back, then there is a problem.
    Just hearing Moyer took the mound is a great thing for the Phillies.
    For some reason I automatically associate him with how the Phillies play. If he is on, the teams seems to surround his pitching performances and gives him a huge confidence.
    Always good for everyone.
    Great post and recap.

    Rays Renegade

  9. devilabrit says:

    RR – agree, most pitchers are still tryin stuff out… Moyer, your right it does seem if he’s doing good then the rest do good, as with Rollins, if he does good then so it goes with the team…


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