Phillies, Ph-ilet the Fish in Florida

The Phillies could not have wished for a better start to the second half of the season, it was a night when Jamie Moyer went 7 innings giving up just 1 hit and a walk, throwing 95 pitches, the bullpen continued what Moyer started, Madson threw a scoreless 8th inning and marlin.jpgRomero threw a scoreless 9th inning, the pitches really were like a knife through butter, or in this case a filet knife through fish.

Keeping with the theme of things Ibanez and Howard homered into the SEA of empty seats, Ibanez hit a 2 run shot in the 2nd and a solo in the 4th, Howard became the fastest player in MLB history to reach 200 home runs with his solo shot in the 6th innning.

This win put Moyer at 9-6 for the year, the blogs and comments during the last week or so have been calling for the Phillies to acquire Halladay, I am all for this, however, more and more it has been written that Moyer should be the one to lose his spot, games like this are why we need to keep Moyer in the rotation. Currently at 9-6 for the year, games he has started the Phillies are 11-7, he is on his way to double figure wins again this year and can be a major asset in the clubhouse as well as on the mound, as the Phillies make a bid for back to back World Series wins. Just my thoughts to those who doubt Moyer has anything left to offer.

Howard reached his 200th homer mark in his 658th major league start, smashing the previous record held by Ralf Kiner who took just 706 major league games, hopefully Ryan is back on track to keep hitting the long ball.

RAUUUUUUL showed us that there should be no doubts as to whether he lost his timing at the plate during his DL period, with 2 long balls tonight he leads the Phillies with 24 homers, even after being out for those 20 games.

Can the Philles NET another win against the Marlins tomorrow, with Cole Hamels on the mound, in a fresh start after the break, he needs to put the first half games behind him and move onward and upward and start off with a solid outing of at least 7 innings.

7 Comments on “Phillies, Ph-ilet the Fish in Florida”

  1. phillies_phollowers says:

    Hamels needs to get on his game…now! Or maybe we can trade him for Halladay?? (KIDDING) LOL


  2. Jane Heller says:

    You guys must be glad to have RAUUUUUUL back. Moyer’s pretty amazing, the way he keeps going – he’s ageless. As for Halladay, everyone says the Phillies are the frontrunners for him.

  3. indianslove says:

    Must be great to have Raul back! Bet your happy about that, arent you? Well, good luck to your Phillies during the rest of the season! -TC

  4. raysfanboy says:

    It is hard to believe how much Moyer owns the Marlins. A 1.58 ERA? Just awesome. He is that crafty veteran you have to keep i the rotatoin because he gives teams a different look in a 3-game series and because he knows how to win.

    Halladay would be nice too, though.

  5. diamondgirl55 says:

    Haha, RAAUUUUUUUUUUUUL. I love him. And I miss him. Who I don’t miss? Moyer. He was so horrible with his fans and didn’t get along with anyone in the clubhouse. Icky. I’m glad to know Raul is back though :] He’s fantastic and he deserves to be on a winning team (finally!) xoxo

  6. indianslove says:

    Yeah I think so too 🙂 He is one of those guys that we definetely made the right move calling up, which is the story with Tony Sipp also. Huff has some rough outings sometimes, but most of the time he is really good. His first start was bad, but that was probably all the nerves. Hey, if I was him, I would be nervous too,
    & I would pitch even worse than he did, lol.


  7. carolmwl says:

    Heh. Phillet the phish.
    Last night’s game was a thing of beauty, wasn’t it? I want another one tonight, just like it. Think I’m asking too much? =)

    Moyer was amazing, hitting all his spots like he did, and the young Marlins flailing away.

    Carol How ‘Bout Those Phils?

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