Phillies Offence WIN this one in extra’s……….

Utley had a very good night from the start, others warmed up as the game went on, with J-Roll leading off in the first with a base hit, Utley went deep to give the Phils a 2 run lead, which they needed.

Hamels started off slow, gave you the impression that this was going to be one of those short games for him, after the first inning he settled in, it wasn’t a stellar performance, you just didn’t expect it to be a rain delay that knocked him out of the game. He went 5 innings giving up a solo homer in the first, along with 3 other hits and a walk in his 5 innings of work. We will definately need more from Cole as we get closer to post season play, the shame of it is, he works really hard and deserves better.

Werth started off the night as he had finished the day before, strugling to get comfortable at the plate, that changed as he warmed up, as if it wasn’t hot enough last night in Florida, picking up a couple of clutch hits, both drove in runs and more importantly the opne turned out to be the key insurance run the Phillies needed to win in the 12th inning.

Rollins has more than settled down now, on base a couple of times last night and each time he crossed the plate to score runs.

Howard and Ibanez were both continuing their, you throw it, we’ll hit it, campaign as they both picked up a couple of hits and scored a run each.

RAIN DELAY – During the 1hour 18 minute rain delay,
bigbenrain.jpg I decided to click around the other games on MLBTV, watched some of the Tampa Bay game, which the Rays looked as though they could come back, but weren’t quite doing it (they did in the end), had to have a look in at the Braves trashing the Muts (Mets), that was just funny, and since I am blacked out for the Tribe, I couldn’t see any of that game, but was dissapointed to see Huff didn’t get a win last night.

Rain delay over, no Hamels (understandably), so we went to the bullpen, which was back to full strength, unfortunately the continued strain that is being put on them showed last night, they allowed the Marlins to claw their way back into this game sending it to extra innings. Lidge came away with a save, but it was touch and go, as seems to be the norm recently.

Phillies Offence really gave us the win, back at it tonight, a little tougher game with the 8-2 Johnson on the mound for the Fish, but never fear ’cause Blanton is here, the Phillies work horse should keep it close and hopefully allow the Phillies get their 8th straight win….


8 Comments on “Phillies Offence WIN this one in extra’s……….”

  1. raysfanboy says:

    The Rays looked horrible last night. Just terrible. Then…light through the rain clouds. A comeback win! I’ll tell you, it was a fun game to watch. A frustrating, horrible, fun game.

    I’m glad to see Rollins getting back into the swing of things (he’s on my fantasy team–I need Jroll!). And though Lidge is not 100% sharp yet, he’ll get back there. The Phils are a team to be reckoned with in the NL East. Adding Halladay will push them over the top. If they don’t, they’ll still be right there.

    Congrats on the win last night. And thanks for adding me to your Blogs list. That’s very cool of you. I greatly greatly appreciate it.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Sounds like Lidge gave you another adventure to recover from! And what’s up with all the rain in the northeast this season? The Yankees’ rain delay was 57 minutes!

  3. devilabrit says:

    raysfanboy- your welcome, besides gotta keep track of the team we’re gonna meet in the WS again this year……

    jane- and my wife was just complaining about not enough rain for the yard….

  4. carolmwl says:

    Peter, I had started to put a paragraph in my entry about Werth, that he seemed to be a Too Cool All Star yet. He’s always laid back, but dang…he seemed to disconnected last night.

    Anyhow, I started to write it and then just took it out.

    But I know what you mean. Werth didn’t seem as invested as he should have been in last night’s game. He was the opposite of Victorino.
    Carol How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  5. redstatebluestate says:

    That drama between Uggla/Ramirez and Rollins right before the game-winning hit was worth that rain delay. Wonder if Rollins is gonna get beaned next time up.

  6. devilabrit says:

    Jeff- I guess we’ll see on the opening pitch tonight.. that should set the table for the game, clearing the benches on the first pitch…. hahahaha

  7. indianslove says:

    Yeah I expected him to win too- but it sort of didn’t happen. LOL. The other pitcher did a lot better than wonder Mariners pitching is so highly rated! Wow, it took 12 innings? At least it was exciting. 🙂 -TC

  8. mattpeas says:

    i love a nice string of wins. the Pirates got 2 in a row looking for their third and your phils were surely hot going into the break

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