Alumni Weekend, Kalas Induction, Fish sink Phils…

It was the start of Alumni weekend at CBP, and before tonight’s game they inducted Harry Kalas onto the Phillies Wall of Fame. The activities delayed the start of tonight’s game, but it was all well worth it. A number of the Phillies Alumni were in attendance and were surprised by Harry’s voice being the one to introduce them to the waiting fans.

Yes there was a game tonight, the Phillies and the Fish, went at it in a 3 game series opener, for the Phillies it was Joe Blanton on the mound and he was squaring off against the Marlins right hander Nolasco. This in my mind (which is a little warped and sometimes x-rated) should have been a chance for Blanton to get his 8th win on the year and prove his recent solid performances will continue on through the rest on the season. (sigh) Blanton showed up to pitch, which is always a good sign, and as all good pitchers in a starting rotation do, from time to time, he had a little bit of a shaky start, but settled in and pitched well through 6 2/3 innings, the problem was the Phillies defense and offense decided to take a night off.

The only player who really showed up to give 110% was Francisco, the new arrival from the Cleveland trade. Since Victorino was again suffering, this time from a slight quad strain, Francisco got a starting role. In an effort to get the defense fired up he threw a bullet in from the outfield to gun down a runner at the plate to end the top of the 7th inning, then his continuing efforts were trying to jump the offense into action he hit a 2 run home run to left field which landed in the flowers beds, in the bottom of the 7th inning. Unfortunately for Blanton, he was out of the game by this time, but it was still, too little too late, the Phillies could do little to support his efforts and they ended up losing 3-2.

One thing that, again in my mind, (see previous note about my mind), I found entertaining was the presence of one of my favorite Phillies players from seasons past. It took me a while to find this picture in my archives, and it was the only one that I had that showed the mullet hanging out of the cap. How times change.

Okay so he’s not on everyone’s list of Philadelphia’s finest players, he didn’t really carve anything specific into the Phillies history books, but for me he was and still is the type of character I like to see.

Scandal Brewing or was this just innocent:

The Yankees and the Red Sox go 14 shut out innings, then bottom 15th 1 on 2 out A-Rod at the plate….‘possibly’ deep in the depths of the new Yankee stadium the under paid supporters of A-Rod were discreetly turning all the AC fans to suction mode for the left field, bullpen area. A-Rod hits his home run then in an effort to prevent discovery he sends a electronic signal to the guys below to switch the AC fans back to normal,

 how else do you explain the shortened celebration and anxious run toward the dugout while messing with something obviously hidden in his uniform… these questions need answers….



7 Comments on “Alumni Weekend, Kalas Induction, Fish sink Phils…”

  1. mattpeas says:

    ooooo conspiracy-i like it. even though its more far fetched than the magic bullet theory you never know iwth a-roid

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Um, A-Rod had hip surgery. Good try though.

  3. devilabrit says:

    Matt- conspiracies keep the world turning don’t they…
    Jane- But what did they put in his hip during surgery? We don’t see Utley holding his hip like that….hmmmm:-)

  4. southernbelle says:

    Peter: You’re funny. Leave Arod alone. 🙂
    I did stay up for the whole game. My parents’ band had a gig last night, so I had to babysit my dog. He is 14 (ancient for a lab) and can’t walk by himself anymore. He doesn’t like to go to bed when my parents aren’t home. So, we watched the game together in the living room. My parents came home around midnight, and they watched the game, too. It was hard to watch, I kept covering my eyes, and yet it was hard not to watch. It was an amazing game. Although there was no scoring till the 15th, it was still SOOO exciting. I was on the edge of my seat for every pitch. It was an instant Yankees Classic. -Virginia

  5. redstatebluestate says:

    Possible answer = His order of Chlomid was waiting in the clubhouse and he needed it right away? I dunno. Harry Kalas though, wow, class act. He is still missed. Never be able to watch NFL Films again the same way. Oh, and John Kruk is chubs.

  6. devilabrit says:

    Virginia- but I bet you slept in this morning, it’ll definately be a classic and the 15th will be the target of many a highlight reel.
    Jeff- Chlomid, I like that…

  7. thepitchersduel says:

    Yea I know what your saying about some tired bodies in the Red Sox/Yankees game, but I think they’ll both be rather tired, the Sox used every pitcher they had, I think the Yankees still had two left unused, should be interesting. I hope the Phillies can bounce back today, I love the Blanton turnaround, because you remember the beginning of the season, he was dredful, I like this improvement, Nolasco just beat us. I miss Cole Hamels, I hope he shows up tonight

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