Jamie Moyer, it is what it is…

moyer.jpgJamie Moyer continues to be the topic of conversation within the Philadelphia sports media and the Phillies blogs. Most of the reporting seems to give similar stories, some are radical in favor of the Phillies organization, to be expected, not many, if any, show any favor towards Jamie Moyer, which dissapoints me a little, I have found no real fair and balanced reporting on the events surrounding his (Jamie Moyer) move from the rotation.

I am sure unless you have been involved in every aspect of the events it would be hard to clearly express any clear elements of what transpired. Therefore I can only put my spin on things from what has been reported from all types and locations of the media, here in my blog, as opposed to trying to add comments to the numerous reports and blogs covering this subject.

It has been suggested that Jamie sort out the media in an attempt to give a off hand press conference, it has also been suggested that while he sat in the stands at Wrigley Field a few rows away from the visitors dug out, reporters sort him out to get a statement, with all the media hype surrounding this it was also suggested that it was suggested to him that he may want to stay clear of his team mates in order for the press to have access to him and it not disrupt his team mates. Whatever the reason, at this point, it doesn’t really matter, whats done is done, he said his peace and made his point.

He was led to belive that he wouldn’t be used in long relief this year, and a spokesperson for the front office confirmed that fact. No one has said what the plan was to be if he had to leave the rotation, you cannot tell me that, noone in this wonderful world of baseball and portraying themselves as the key role players in the Phillies front office didn’t think there was a possibility that he may not make it through the year.

Who knows, those that aren’t going to say anything in case the light of anger from the fans diverts shines upon them instead of Jamie. He has had a great career, not sure it was a HOF career but it was without question a career many major leaguers would definately like to say it was them.

It’s a little ironic that Jamie’s career in the majors started 23 years ago, this past June 16th, and it started in this ball park, Wrigley Field, and the team he faced was the Philadelphia Phillies. So in honor of that event the Phillies have decide to place a cloud around Jamie, regardless of his ERA at this point, 1 game would not have done damage to the Phillies, why didn’t they let him pitch here at Wrigley Field before moving him to the pen, they could have given him the advance notice of what they were planning, that I think is the respect Jamie was looking for and for what he has done for the Phillies could quite well deserve that respect.

A number of people seem to have a problem with the salary jamie negotiated during the winter months, well I don’t because it’s Jamie Moyer, a man who gives back to communities all over the country, not just where he lives and plays.

With all this in mind, I have this advice for Jamie Moyer, sit back in the pen, enjoy the some quiet time and during this quiet time reflect on your career and before the Phillies can do you more injustice, retire from the game, be a bigger man than Brett Favre, we know you want to pitch some more, but it is time, do not be bullied into things you don’t want to do, do not be a name that suddenly disappears from the roster and nobody notices, do not give anyone the chance to send you to ‘AAA’ or release you, end it on your terms.

Who knows in 3 weeks the Phillies maybe regretting putting you in the pen, regret it or not, on principal now I don’t think they would put you back in the rotation, no matter how good or bad Martinez is in his starts. At least you would take away that option, even if you feel theres a glimer of a chance at being able to say “I told you so”, walk away, let the fans beat you up some more, because so the organization can save face, at least you’ll be out of it and then if they do accomplish the goal of repeating in the World Series, we’ll see if there man enough to invite you back to get your ring. I doubt it…


16 Comments on “Jamie Moyer, it is what it is…”

  1. carolmwl says:

    Very well said. I will hate to see the day come when the ‘wily Moyer’ is gone from the scene, but there is something to be said for leaving while still on one of the high notes.

    Remember Steve Carlton? He didn’t leave at the right time…and it was not pretty.

    And you know what? Pedro may not work out. It’d be nice to see Moyer take your advice….sit in the bullpen…take the rest and quiet and who knows? They might be calling him back to the rotation.

    It’s all a bit upsetting. Moyer is St James around here, after all.

    Carol MLBlogs.com How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  2. carolmwl says:

    Very well said. I will hate to see the day come when the ‘wily Moyer’ is gone from the scene, but there is something to be said for leaving while still on one of the high notes.

    Remember Steve Carlton? He didn’t leave at the right time…and it was not pretty.

    And you know what? Pedro may not work out. It’d be nice to see Moyer take your advice….sit in the bullpen…take the rest and quiet and who knows? They might be calling him back to the rotation.

    It’s all a bit upsetting. Moyer is St James around here, after all.

    Carol MLBlogs.com How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  3. raysfanboy says:

    Don’t worry, Pedro will get trounced tonight by the Cubbies and Moyer will be back in the rotation before you know it. Seriously, though, Moyer has earned his spot in that rotation. I’m surprised that the Phils are so willing to move him out.

  4. matttan7 says:

    Jaime Moyer has a case of why he should stay in the starting rotation. We’ll have to see other starters struggles and maybe Jaime will get back to the rotation sooner. Pedro Martinez goes, and maybe this might be a bright spot for the Phillies

    Matthew Tang

  5. indianslove says:

    Jaime Moyer would be good staying in the starting rotation. & Yeah, it was fun to gloat. http://tribechick.mlblogs.com/ -TC

  6. Jane Heller says:

    I can just offer the example of Mike Mussina, who was having a less than stellar season in ’07 and was sent to the pen. He didn’t like it, but he did it and tried to help the team any way he could. Then last year, he was back in the rotation and ended up winning 20 games and retired on a high note. I wish the same for Moyer.


  7. phillies_phollowers says:

    I am not sure how to feel about all this; I think the Phillies had to give Pedro a shot at some point. But as for the Phillies promising this would not happen to Moyer, that was a mistake on their part. There are no certainties in baseball and they should know that. Then again, Jamie has done a lot to help this team. But like I said before, it was a decision made in the best interest of the team…personal reasons had to be put aside. I don’t think it is a matter of anyone disrespecting Jamie. I know I will always love and respect him for everything he has done for this city. But change is a part of life and I guess we will see how it goes.


  8. devilabrit says:

    Carol – it’s upsetting when any player that has Jamie rep has to move on ofr what ever reason

    raysfan- there’s a lot of people hoping that, I still want the Phils to win, I am not sure the offense can handle a traunce tonight though

    matt7 – he does have a case esp, as he has a better ERA than Cole since the All Star break.

    TC – enjoy your gloating while you can…LOL

    Jane – I think jamie is the exception here because of his age, which is why no one really knows what is right or wrong.

    Jenn – the point being was I know they have to give Martinez a start, but maybe one more go around for jamie if it is his last then at least he has gone full circle and ends where he began.

  9. utleyeveryday says:

    I’m with you. I hope Pedro somehow surpises me and kills. I feel for Jaime, but come on. We’ve given him a lot of respect and this is not meant to disrespect, but to make the right decision to win another WS.

  10. devilabrit says:

    utleyeveryday – I am all for winning and making the right choices for a repeat of a World Series, but since they gave Pedro the start tonight, the pundits are all saying the same, “As long as he gives them at least 5 innings and keeps it close, say within 4 or 5 runs it will be a good outing for him” we were getting that from Jamie and better at times, 1 more outing was all so if it has to be his last he would have ended where he started.

    thepitchersduel – thanks for the nice comment, this will blow over in the next day or two, and the downer fans constantly complaining of someone, will be jumping on Lidge or Hamels or even Charlie if things dont turn around soon

  11. thepitchersduel says:

    This was a beautifully executed piece of writing, Moyer deserves credibility for what he’s done for the team and the community, and your right, I would have been perfectly content for them to give him 1 more game, but no. I hate hearing Phillies fans beat the hell out of Moyer for his pitching this year, you saying what you did is so refreshing, thank you


  12. redstatebluestate says:

    It is what it is, right, and it is a low blow by an organization I’d always thought had a touch of class about it. Just watch, Pedro’s gonna be awful and they’ll be crying for Moyer to get back in there (by then he may be gone?)… or, Pedro will do great and I will shut my mouth.

  13. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – I’m with you…. the games done now, and with the run support it’s tough to say, but initial impression is there was no upgrade, just someone who throws faster

  14. ibleedpinstripes says:

    I feel bad for Jamie Moyer. It really seems obvious they took a little advantage of him because of his age. He really does deserve some respect, like he said. I hope wherever he ends up, he’s happier.

    And on another note… how’re you liking Pedro in the starting rotation?! I bet that’s exciting, lol. Personally I can’t stand the guy, him being an ex-Red Sock and everything, but I’m curious to know how he’s being received.

    – Lisa

  15. devilabrit says:

    Lisa – it depends the Moyer haters seem to like Pedro, me it’s to early to tell, his downside for me is he was a Mets pitcher and they didn’t want him back, so why would we..

  16. southernbelle says:

    Peter: I too feel sorry for Moyer. Pedro did pretty good yesterday. I don’t like him, though. Pushing Don Zimmer to the ground? Come on!
    My Yankees had another walkoff yesterday. Again they are living up to their new name. “The Drama Club.” I love it! -Virginia

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