Hot Stove is here ….

Phillies Outside

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agency is officially here, players are now out there looking for a new location,
or rather, their agents are doing all the work while the players actually do
nothing. It seems like it maybe a tough concept for some fans to grasp, the off
season and free agency can after all be very complex.

There is free agent players, quite a few and there are not so
many ball clubs, some clubs will seek out some players, while other players
agents will be having to actually earn their money to find them a new position.

We get those fans complaining that they should keep certain
players, while releasing others. These are the fans that believe the club can
choose which players get to go into free agency, it seems they don’t grasp the
concept of current contracts and no contracts, so just cause you don’t like a
player you cant automatically put them into free agency and keep the ones you
like, this isn’t ‘fantasy baseball’.

Let the games begin, let the fans get their highs and lows from
the rumor mill of who’s going where and let the Buster Onley’s of this media
frenzy be exposed, so us bloggers can have a new target of ridicule. In the
meantime it’s Boras and his juggling act, how much he wants to make this off

For us simple people, it’s hitting Monster, mailing resumes,
pounding the streets and hoping some hiring manager actually reads a resume
instead of looking at the pictures. It’s okay for people to say Jamie Moyer is
past his prime and should retire, but in the real world working past the age of
48 is normal, so just because someone is in their 50’s or beyond applies for a
job don’t automatically disregard them, age doesn’t automatically mean your
washed up. Although I guess you can’t be picky like the ball players, being a
gofer for peanuts is better than nothing, insulting it may be, but better than

Enjoy your winter blues and the anticipation of baseball’s Hot


Migration …

This is a short post, as I do not know when I will be back at this fully, soon I am hoping.moyer-24yrson[1].jpg

My graphics computer decided to make all sorts of demands about getting assurance that it wouldn’t be traded before season end, I wanted more work out of it, faster processing and a smoother online experience and had over the years managed to maintain a healthy upgrade process to keep him and the team happy. Mr. XP to me is kind of like Jamie Moyer to the Phillies, you know sooner or later something’s going to give, but you just keep hoping it won’t be today, well my hopes ran out. 

It was invest more or move newer talent into the front line, unfortunately Mr. XP has been the heart and sole of all my imagicalating since the conception of XP, until know I have resisted moving my imagicalation software bundles from Adobe over Mr. W7, mainly because that costs more than the computers. My long time friend and holder of my total software solutions Mr XP, decided to tank and will only perform basic functions for me at the moment, I am keeping him alive by way of careful data management and a lot of curse words. Now I have no alternative but to migrate as much of my work load to Mr. W7, it will just take a little more time to completely acquire my full range of imagicalating software packages and make Mr. W7 fully integrated into the prime function slot.

This will hopefully have no adverse affects on the Phillies performances or the outcome of the ASG, it will just place some added pressure on the relationship with team Adobe cause they are very demanding about getting paid for stuff.

Moyer Makes History Look Easy….

– PhilliesOutside –

Friday, May 7th, 2010. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia. Jamie
threw 105 pitches, over 9 innings giving up just 2 hits and
striking out 5, as he made baseball history.

Moyer is officially the oldest major league pitcher to throw a
9 inning shut out game, at
aged 47 years 170 Days young, Moyer was pushed to the bullpen
during August last year, this year some thought Kendrick should have got
the starting job, not Moyer. Personally I have said all along Moyer
was the choice for the starting rotation, I stand by that, and I say to all
those who will now jump on the Moyer band wagon, be careful what
you say.

I had said during spring training that I think Kendrick should not be
used as a starter till later in the year, and that Moyer will be
better more often than not during the first 100 to 130 games of the baseball
season. What Jamie did against the Braves, is far beyond
any expectation anyone could have seen, many could have hoped for, but no one
could truly have predicted.

not forget he wasn’t the only one on the field playing against the Braves,
even with the Phillies still feeling the effects of being without
Jimmy Rollins they have pulled together and over come some tough times.
With both Shane Victorino and Ryan Howard making very good
defensive plays, the offense was still keeping a steady average of hits and runs
as they managed to score 7 runs off Atlanta pitching, Jayson
having a blast of ‘Deja-Vu’ as he hit a 3 run Jack in back to back
games, the first against the Cardinals then again against the Braves.

The Phillies continue the home stand for another 2 days, both games
against the Atlanta Braves then they hit the road for a week,
heading to Colorado for 3 games and then Milwaukee
for 3 games, but this season is about taking it one game at a time and the focus
is on the Braves for the Saturday game. Saturday some may think the dug out
looks bare or just strange, but it should only be for one game. Charlie
has said he will be missing Saturday’s game against the Braves for
personal reasons and he specifically said it had nothing to do with his health,
before we have a lot of conclusion jumpers.

Meeting with ‘The Doc’

– PhilliesOutside –

After much research I have determined that She
continued success after her face to face meetings with the Yankee
players has some elements of validity and has forced me to follow suit and meet
with the Phillies support personnel and ultimately the players required.

Since the process that has been discussed with the Phillies support personnel
is untried and untested they have requested anonymity, however the
players don’t have a choice since they are paid to do everything the club tells

For my first meeting this year I decided to go straight to the root of things
and get in with ‘The Doc’ Roy Halladay, we all know he suffered his first loss
last night, but that wasn’t his fault, even if he wants to take the blame.
here’s how the meeting went….


Real Men of Genius….

We’ve all heard the Bud Light radio commercials making good humor of certain creativeness of over zealous guys, if you haven’t listen up…..

Well here’s a couple of Real Men of Genius….


….who continued with the Budweiser advertising theme last night. At the start of the game which continued for just 2.2 inning, these Real Men of Genius in actions alone said to the Philadelphia Phillies….


….‘This BUD’s For You’, and the Phillies soaked it up for 3 runs in the 1st then continued to hit, but for the saving grace of this lone Astro on more than one occasion….


….the Bourne Supremacy, the Phillies would have probably scored well into double digit runs last night.

The Phillies bats have been alive from day one, there was just one guy who was on a 3 game slump, and he managed to pop a couple of big hits last night…


…so, welcome to the list of hitters Raul Ibanez. The Phillies in just 4 games have managed to send 151 hitters to the plate, who have produced 32 runs on 52 hits. Only 4 homers so far but they have 29 RBi’s covered 81 total bases, walked 26 times and more surprisingly they have only struck out 18 times.

As they remain in Houston over the weekend, tonight the ageless wonder, Jamie Moyer, takes the mound for the first time this season.

Jamie Moyer, it is what it is…

moyer.jpgJamie Moyer continues to be the topic of conversation within the Philadelphia sports media and the Phillies blogs. Most of the reporting seems to give similar stories, some are radical in favor of the Phillies organization, to be expected, not many, if any, show any favor towards Jamie Moyer, which dissapoints me a little, I have found no real fair and balanced reporting on the events surrounding his (Jamie Moyer) move from the rotation.

I am sure unless you have been involved in every aspect of the events it would be hard to clearly express any clear elements of what transpired. Therefore I can only put my spin on things from what has been reported from all types and locations of the media, here in my blog, as opposed to trying to add comments to the numerous reports and blogs covering this subject.

It has been suggested that Jamie sort out the media in an attempt to give a off hand press conference, it has also been suggested that while he sat in the stands at Wrigley Field a few rows away from the visitors dug out, reporters sort him out to get a statement, with all the media hype surrounding this it was also suggested that it was suggested to him that he may want to stay clear of his team mates in order for the press to have access to him and it not disrupt his team mates. Whatever the reason, at this point, it doesn’t really matter, whats done is done, he said his peace and made his point.

He was led to belive that he wouldn’t be used in long relief this year, and a spokesperson for the front office confirmed that fact. No one has said what the plan was to be if he had to leave the rotation, you cannot tell me that, noone in this wonderful world of baseball and portraying themselves as the key role players in the Phillies front office didn’t think there was a possibility that he may not make it through the year.

Who knows, those that aren’t going to say anything in case the light of anger from the fans diverts shines upon them instead of Jamie. He has had a great career, not sure it was a HOF career but it was without question a career many major leaguers would definately like to say it was them.

It’s a little ironic that Jamie’s career in the majors started 23 years ago, this past June 16th, and it started in this ball park, Wrigley Field, and the team he faced was the Philadelphia Phillies. So in honor of that event the Phillies have decide to place a cloud around Jamie, regardless of his ERA at this point, 1 game would not have done damage to the Phillies, why didn’t they let him pitch here at Wrigley Field before moving him to the pen, they could have given him the advance notice of what they were planning, that I think is the respect Jamie was looking for and for what he has done for the Phillies could quite well deserve that respect.

A number of people seem to have a problem with the salary jamie negotiated during the winter months, well I don’t because it’s Jamie Moyer, a man who gives back to communities all over the country, not just where he lives and plays.

With all this in mind, I have this advice for Jamie Moyer, sit back in the pen, enjoy the some quiet time and during this quiet time reflect on your career and before the Phillies can do you more injustice, retire from the game, be a bigger man than Brett Favre, we know you want to pitch some more, but it is time, do not be bullied into things you don’t want to do, do not be a name that suddenly disappears from the roster and nobody notices, do not give anyone the chance to send you to ‘AAA’ or release you, end it on your terms.

Who knows in 3 weeks the Phillies maybe regretting putting you in the pen, regret it or not, on principal now I don’t think they would put you back in the rotation, no matter how good or bad Martinez is in his starts. At least you would take away that option, even if you feel theres a glimer of a chance at being able to say “I told you so”, walk away, let the fans beat you up some more, because so the organization can save face, at least you’ll be out of it and then if they do accomplish the goal of repeating in the World Series, we’ll see if there man enough to invite you back to get your ring. I doubt it…

Phillies take series from Reds, set new club record

Jayson Werth went deep to record his 20th home run of the season making him the 4th player to be on 20 home runs or more before the All Star Break, a first for the Phillies franchise and only the second MLB team to accomplish this feat. Werth has put up impressive numbers in the first half of this season and has more than proved that he can be an everyday player, I personally thought he would struggle as an everday outfielder, so well done Jayson, you are on a season setting personal best. Jayson’s name has been thrown in the mix for the All Star Game, since Beltran is injured, is Werth worthy of an All Star pick, well he has certainly put up the numbers, however I believe there are others who are a little more deserving, if it’s an outfielder they need then I would have to go with Kemp, he has better numbers this year, if it’s just any position player then there are a number to choose from and everyone will have there own personal favorite.

Chase Utley, in a ball park that is suposed to allow almost anyone to go deep, showed everyone last night that you dont need to hit the ball over the fence to get a home run, his second inside the park home run against the reds. This one came in the 3rd inning and it was Utley’s 20th homer of the year, although there wasn’t a play at the plate this time, he needed some recovery time to catch his breath, who wouldn’t.

Jamie Moyer pitched through 5 innings giving up 6 runs on 8 hits, since the offence took the lead in the bottom of the 5th Jamie was the pitcher of record giving him, his 254th career win. Jamie gave up two home runs, not unusual for Jamie, all in all a good outing for him.

Chan Ho Park gave another stellar performance from the bullpen, 3 scoreless innings, giving up 1 walk, with 4 strike outs.

Brad Lidge continues to make everyone nervous in the 9th inning, after getting the 1st two batters he gave up a walk, but came back nicely to close out the game with a scoreless inning.

Even though the Phillies have taken six of seven in this home stand, they still have a below .500 record at home this season, a sweep of the Pirates would put them still 1 game shy of the .500 mark. We all know that sweeping the Pirates is a huge task, they have played well against NL East teams this year, I for one am glad we have Blanton, Hamels and Happ to face them this weekend.

Victorino won the vote for the final spot on the All Star team, he is more than deserving of his place, he again last night picked up a couple of walks, a hit and a couple of RBI’s and continues to play gold glove quality defense in the outfield. Well Done Shane!!

To the Pirates, welcome to Philadelphia, the in state rivalry isn’t quite as intense as some would think, but still it will make for a good weekend, especially if the Phillies keep up this excellent home stand performance.

RAUL IBANEZ will he return today or will they wait till tomorrow, I think he will probably be here today, but my gut tells me they should probably wait till tomorrow.

Phillies beat up on Mets

You all knew at some point the guys were going to have a game like this at home, and it just happened to be the Mets on the recieving end, couldn’t have happened at a nicer time or against a better opponent. With the traumatic road trip and the recent sweeps against the Phils, this was what the fans needed, no time for the boobirds to anounce themselves, straight out of the gate players were swinging and hitting an opposing starter. The free for all ended when the Mets bullpen took over, but even so some nice encouraging things were seen.

Rollins was swinging good aswell as being patient about what pitches he chose to swing at, okay 2 games of hits doesn’t always mean the slump is over, but he looked comfortable at the plate for the first time in a long time, it was like his season was just begining.

Lopez, under what must have been a stress filled day of returning to the majors, gave an excellent performance, while pitching strikes and keeping the hitters of balance, the type of game you hope you are going to get from all your starting rotation, now if he can produce that performance again and again, then maybe we have found a fill-in for Myers.

It was good to see Madson have a relaxed 9th inning, hopefully it will help towards getting his confidence back and giving us the same type of performances we enjoyed last year.

As much as I would like to think it was a dominant Phils team that put the Mets and their fans into a silent stuper, I have to admit that they themselves did everything they could to help the Phillies and the Philly Fans enjoy a long awaited win at home, so for that we should thank the Mets and hope they continue to be supportive in todays game.

The only thing I am still waiting for is Howard to start hitting long balls again, maybe he needs a clubhouse vacation like J-Roll got recently. So today we hope and prey that Jamie Moyer has another good start and goes deep into the game, keeping the Mets off balance and swinging through his off-speed pitches and completely missing his slow/fast ball.

Lets make this a happy 4th of July with another win against the Mets and then maybe we can dream of a sweep of our own.

Two out of Three ain’t bad……..

Jamie Moyer gets another win…. I think Jamie is a hell of a guy, he just keeps pounding the ball into home plate, no matter what happens he just keeps on pluging away. He had a slow start, giving up some homers, but it didn’t seem to phase him and when I think I am just a few years older than him, he looks as though he could be doing it at 50, probably not, but he makes it look so easy, even when he’s loosing or winning. Well today he couldn’t have got the win without the offence and it was good to see them score runs with old style baseball, play hard, run hard and hit for the gaps, everyone likes to see homers especially from the Phillies, but when they go out and win from base running, a double, a triple and a fly ball, its nice to know they don’t have to hit homers everyday. So a couple of errors that could have been costly, but like all good team mates they played through them and still left the Jays feeling Blue. So now it’s off to Atlanta, inter-league is over, thankfully, back to a stretch of NL East games, these all count a little bit more, so lets see more of why the Phillies players rank high in the All Star Voting. Don’t forget you can still vote till midnight Thursday, lets get more Phillies on the team…. VOTE….VOTE…..VOTE