Hot Stove is here ….

Phillies Outside

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agency is officially here, players are now out there looking for a new location,
or rather, their agents are doing all the work while the players actually do
nothing. It seems like it maybe a tough concept for some fans to grasp, the off
season and free agency can after all be very complex.

There is free agent players, quite a few and there are not so
many ball clubs, some clubs will seek out some players, while other players
agents will be having to actually earn their money to find them a new position.

We get those fans complaining that they should keep certain
players, while releasing others. These are the fans that believe the club can
choose which players get to go into free agency, it seems they don’t grasp the
concept of current contracts and no contracts, so just cause you don’t like a
player you cant automatically put them into free agency and keep the ones you
like, this isn’t ‘fantasy baseball’.

Let the games begin, let the fans get their highs and lows from
the rumor mill of who’s going where and let the Buster Onley’s of this media
frenzy be exposed, so us bloggers can have a new target of ridicule. In the
meantime it’s Boras and his juggling act, how much he wants to make this off

For us simple people, it’s hitting Monster, mailing resumes,
pounding the streets and hoping some hiring manager actually reads a resume
instead of looking at the pictures. It’s okay for people to say Jamie Moyer is
past his prime and should retire, but in the real world working past the age of
48 is normal, so just because someone is in their 50’s or beyond applies for a
job don’t automatically disregard them, age doesn’t automatically mean your
washed up. Although I guess you can’t be picky like the ball players, being a
gofer for peanuts is better than nothing, insulting it may be, but better than

Enjoy your winter blues and the anticipation of baseball’s Hot