Spell Check for the Phillies…

This week is going to be
a struggle to stay on top of things, work has become an issue, or rather
a time consuming event at the moment, so let me apologize in advance if
I miss commenting some of your blog’s, I will try and catch up at the
weekend, with that said my own blog will suffer and I may not get
another post in till the weekend, we will see how things transpire, so I
leave with these thoughts on the closers situation in Philadelphia.

How successful can a team
be with a 74% chance of your closer giving you a successful finish. At
this time it means you could be 4 1/2 games up in your division with 47
games left to play, with more than 50% of those against division rivals.
How important will your closer be during this final stretch. Well it’s
all a numbers game and if you make the math work for the worst scenario
then you could find yourself 1 game back at the end of the season, best
scenario is you will win the division by a sizeable margin, but we all
now that is less likely than worst scenario. It’s time to look at
alternatives to try and make sure we are going to have a better chance
to win the division and get to the play offs, after all isn’t that why
Pedro Martinez is pitching tonight, which is currently in a rain delay.

If we review Brad Lidge’s
stats we can decide if we should be at least trying to utilize someone
else, or restricting the situations when he actually comes into the
game. Recently, both Manuel and Amaro, expressed their confidence in
Lidge, with Charlie saying "he thinks Lidge needs just one clean
inning to get back on track"
, sorry Charlie, but I think he’s
missed that boat.

Career, Lidge averages
about 17 pitches per inning, 2008 he averaged 18 pitches per inning,
2009 he’s averaging 20 pitches per inning, this stat tells you he’s
losing something.

Career, Lidge saves about
84% of save opportunities, 2008 he was at 100%, 2009 he’s at 74%, again
says he’s losing something.

Career, Lidge averages
1.3 base runners per inning, 2008 he averaged 1.2, 2009 he is averaging
1.9, again says he’s losing something.

Career, Lidge averages 0.42
runs per inning, 2008 he averaged 0.24, 2009 he is averaging 0.88 runs
per inning, again says he’s losing something.

With all this in mind I
propose that if the Phillies will not look into other options than they
should at least consider a spelling change.

Lets face it a closer with attitude is
going to strike out more than he lets his fielders assist, so if you
can’t strike them out your going to be in greater jeopardy of BLOWING
the save as well as your hand.

The recommendation, try Chan Ho Park a
few times, what can he do that Lidge isn’t except save more games. If
Park is doing okay, send Lidge to ‘AAA’ to work out his problems, be
them physical or mental.


8 Comments on “Spell Check for the Phillies…”

  1. raysfanboy says:

    I can see some wisdom in mixing it up a little between Park and Lidge. Brad’s been terrible. However, I’m surprised at how much outcry there is against this guy. I know he’s struggling, but he closed the final game of the Series for you guys. I don’t think Park can do better, but I do think it’ll give Lidge few opportunities to mess up and, maybe, he’ll start to do well in his few opportunities and then blossom into the guy you remember. I think that Lou is going to do that with the Cubs and Kevin Gregg. Too many blown saves.

  2. thepitchersduel says:

    I am so on board for Chan Ho Park, the man has been great since being in the bullpen, and he has a selection of pitches to choose from so he’ll keep ’em off balance, not to mention, his fastball actually moves unlike Brad’s 95 mph gopher ball.


  3. redstatebluestate says:

    Maybe the spell he’s blowing on his fingers is a bad one. That’s something a little trip to Mordor should help change.

  4. southernbelle says:

    Peter: I really feel bad for Brad Lidge. What happened? Well, I guess if anyone knew, he wouldn’t be struggling anymore. They can’t give up on him. We all know how good he was in the past. Believe! -Virginia

  5. ibleedpinstripes says:

    Hahaha, love the graphic of Lidge. It’s really too bad how much he stinks. I’m sure the Phils will get through it. They’re definitely a good enough team to take it all the way despite that. Keep the faith Peter, just keep the faith!

    – Lisa

  6. TribeTed says:

    Brad Lidge doesn’t have his stuff this year. He is a total slouch. Last year he was lights out, and this year he is lights on.

  7. crazy19canuck says:

    You’re not going to do well in the WS if Lidge is not at his best. Hmmm… 🙂

  8. matttan7 says:

    Brad Lidge needs some more strikeouts, those are huge rally killers for the opposing batting team. I don’t think it’s time to move Brad out of the closers role just yet or “klosers role”

    Matthew Tan

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