Just a Random Quickie…

Time for a quick blog, choosing the subject was a challenge, there have been a few recently. So it was a pick out of the hat between, John Smoltz and some sarcastic banter about the Cards recent addition, last nights performance by Cliff Lee, which is already covered plenty of times and opportunities will keep arising,  my verdict or lack of on Pedro Martinez, Brett Myers fight to get out of a car or Yankees/Boston and the Rays chance to take over Wild Card.

and the winner is…….

Pedro Martinez, my verdict….

What has Pedro done for us lately, well unfortunately his recent start against the D-Backs was shortened, so we were unable to see if he could go beyond 5 innings and if he would give up any more runs as he tires, so I guess the verdict is still out on that subject….

But still, since it was Pedro Martinez that was chosen lets review what he brings or could bring to the Phillies…

We all know he’s a 3 time Cy Young winner, but his last one was 9 years ago

so he’s a 7 time All Star, again last one was 4 years ago

how about a 5 time player of the week, yep, 7 years ago

he’s an innings eater, yeah okay, highest ranking was ’98 and ’04 when he was 6th in the AL

How about he was an All Star MVP, that’s true 10 years ago

Here’s one, he won  ‘MLB.COM ODDITY OF THE YEAR’, and that reflects on what exactly? – Oh I see he found it amusing that the sprinklers came on at Shea, while he was pitching for the Mets.

So he’s a comedian, a clown, someone fun to be around, well the Phillies have there fair share of those guys, I guess the question will be….

Is Pedro going to be the CLOWN…

or will he turn out to be just another side show…

Only time will tell…

…for me there hasn’t been enough time or action to determine. This weekend he is scheduled to start against the Mets at Citi Field, we’ll see if his old club comes out and destroys him or if he manages to destroy them. Based on the Mets current state of affairs I would have to say the advantage is Pedro’s going into the game, but we’ll see. Truth be known I would like to see him face the Marlins, but that probably isn’t going to happen. Till the next time when I hope there will be more action and evidence to show if Pedro’s involvement is worth the hype or not…

Tonight Blanton goes to the mound, and we’ll see if the Phillies offense can support him and clinch a sweep of the D-Backs.


18 Comments on “Just a Random Quickie…”

  1. southernbelle says:

    Peter: Nice post. Comparing Pedro to a clown, lol. I like that.
    Good luck sweeping the D’backs. My Yanks are off today and tomorrow will start a series in Boston against the smelly Sox. I am pumped! Maybe we can sweep them again! -Virginia

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Good question about Pedro: clown or sideshow? Or will he actually pitch well and help the team? He’s such an interesting character with an amazing track record, but is he out of gas? Time will tell.


  3. carolmwl says:

    Hi, Peter,
    I cannot warm to the idea of Pedro Martinez. I guess it is ’cause he was with the Mets for so long…..he still seems ‘Mets’ to me. Mutts. Mess. Etc. But I do think that when he goes against the Mets this weekend that he will try his very best. Seems like guys always like to stick it to their old clubs. ie Wes Helms, Barajas, and didn’t Pat Burrell hit one against the Phils? Well, it’ll be interesting, for sure.

    The funny thing about Coste is that his replacement, Bako, reminds me so much of him, in both demeanor and looks.

    I can’t help but wish Chris well. Hope Houston will like him, now that he will be catching.

    How about Jamie Moyer’s grim face the other night? He was all business – the business of proving his worth.
    carol How ‘Bout Those Phils? Mlblogs.com

  4. devilabrit says:

    Virginia – I am hoping your guys sweep the BoSox since I want the Rays to at least win the Wild Card…
    Jane – I think he will be a clown or side show, not sure he has enough left to be a quality starter, but if he proves me wrong I’ll still be happy…
    Carol – Your right players do tend to want to stick it to there old clubs, a way of sying serves you right for dumping me, as for Jamie, alot seem to think he was showing anger of the bullpen demotion, me I think he was just doing his job, like the professional he is…

  5. TribeTed says:

    The Phillies are rolling, with Cliff Lee acing it up, they look unbeatable. Too bad he didn’t pitch like that for the Tribe. And I think that Pedro won’t turn out too great and Jamie Moyer will get his position back.

  6. thatbaseballguy says:

    Great quick little post.

  7. devilabrit says:

    Ted – Cliff did pitch like that for the Tribe, he just didnt get the run support or the defense that the Phillies put up, check out his last few starts for the Tribe, 3 of his last 4 were complete games, and of those 3 he gave up just 1 run per 9 innings. He just needed a winning team to get the recognition this year….

    Dillon- sometimes a quickie is whats needed…


  8. TribeTed says:

    Peter, I know what you mean, what I was reffering to was the fact that he shot off with a bang for the phillies. Sorry I didn’t make it sound like that. 🙂 For the Indians his first two starts he was 0-2 and had an ERA of 11.25 with the Phillies, well you know. 🙂

  9. phillies_phollowers says:

    Hard to tell yet what he will do…that rain delay really screwed things up :O( Next up for him is the Mets! That should be interesting.


  10. devilabrit says:

    Ted- no big deal, a lot of good pitchers started the year off with a high ERA, Cliff is normally a good second half picther like many others.

    Jenn- I’m actually looking forward to see how he does against the Muts, just a shame they’re so injury riddled..or not..LOL 🙂


  11. redstatebluestate says:

    I agree, jury’s gotta still be out on Pedro… I say he’s decent through 4 or 5 then ya gotta bring in reinforcements. I like the idea of he and Moyer platooning starts…. but I also hope to not see you all in the playoffs. How bout a Mets-like catastrophic fail down the stretch, Peter? Can ya make that happen?

  12. raysfanboy says:

    I didn’t think Pedro would bring you anything. I was wrong. I think he’ll be considered one of the best free agent signings this year. And all of the other teams that considered him and then didn’t consider him will be kicking themselves.

  13. devilabrit says:

    Jeff- Muts-like huh!, yeah right keep dreamin….

  14. ibleedpinstripes says:

    Okay, being a completely biased Yankee fan, I cannot and will not lie. I despise Pedro Martinez, LOL. But, I’ve gotta say it looks like he’s making a steady comeback into the big leagues. I figured a guy with his stuff couldn’t stay away for long. With the team you’ve already got there’s no doubt he can make it better.

    – Lisa

  15. devilabrit says:

    raysfanboy- this sunday should be a relatively good test to see how he will do, I think, but I’m not holding my breath yet.

    Lisa- being biased can sometimes be a good thing, it seems the reception he got at Citi Field last night, the Mets fans are biased too, they hate him now…


  16. Fenway Bleacher Creature says:

    Love the Simpsons references, Peter!
    Yes, it does appear that Pedro did do quite a bit… 7 years ago. LOL

    Hope he keeps doing alright for you guys.


  17. redstatebluestate says:

    Now I’m dreamin about that Bruntlett fella’s perfect storm. Nice.

  18. gzarness@hotmail.co.uk says:

    Good evening, older brother. Great shout for me, thank you..! I’ll never tire of the mighty Kop in full voice. All of your bloggers should be introduced to the magic that is ‘Fernando Torres’..! The boy is a god, and the game doesn’t take up any where near as much of your evening as baseball..!(Baseball is cool, so keep what’s left of your hair on..!) Keep up all the good work mate, this site is a credit to you. I shall join in whenever I can, however as you’ve already mentioned I have child number 4 dropping any day, therefore I may be tied up for a while..! (I’m stopping at 4, and buying a tv..!) Take it easy mate, miss you both. USA’s gain is our loss, but hey….you supported Everton so they can have you..! x Gaz

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