Cap Tip, Double Take, Spotlight and More…


In a week when individual
sports showed how easy it is to lose just because of a temper tantrum
and the NFL got underway with the first week of games. Well done to the


Pedro Martinez has
put in 2 very good performances back to back, I for one am very
surprised. He has come close to self destructing each outing in the
first few innings, but he has got through it and gone on to pitch well,
Sunday night against the Mets especially. Pedro went 8
innings, at least 6 of them were showing a slight resemblance of the 29
year old Martinez, throwing 130 pitches on the night he
struck out 7 and walked 2, he only gave up 6 hits… so well done Pedro…




The Phillies played
the Nats last week and the Nats played the spoiler
in 1 game, but the double take was when the Nats
played one of the emerging stars to be from the Washington organization,
a little known short stop named ‘Ian Desmond‘, who has some
pretty big shoes to fill, not because he’s destined to replace a great Nats
player, but because he is being highlighted in likeness, actions and mannerisms
to another short stop in the majors….the player they are a likening
him too reached his own milestone this week…. if you didn’t guess this
one then where have you been this weekend, cause lets face it sports
media has really only talked of one short stop…now you’ve got it…Derek
…Who became the new Yankees most hits record
holder… well done Jeter, the Yankees
actually kept a player long enough to achieve this, so well done Yankees
too…but I digress, the look-a-like, act-a-like Nats
upcoming short stop Ian Desmond and Derek Jeter, you




The Phillies
starting pitchers do well, they get the glory and the win, the pitchers
from the pen get a hold or a save they get the glory, but what of the
guy behind the plate calling the pitches, or blocking that one in the
dirt, giving the pitchers a target to throw at, or saving a stolen base
with a throw. The catcher, where’s his glory, okay so a catcher has
stats like all players, but mostly if the pitcher throws the ball where
the catcher sets up he doesn’t get smacked around, and in the case of
the Phillies the man behind the mask is Carlos Ruiz. Obviously
not all catchers are equal, some are hitters, but cant throw very well,
some aren’t that good at calling a game and get the signs from the dug
out, some just cant throw very well, and some cant block a really good
slider in the dirt. Ruiz I think is good at all the roles
a catcher plays and yet is in the shadow of the starting rotation or pen
most of the time. So here’s my way of putting the spotlight on one of
the best unsung hero’s the Phillies have on the team and without
question one of the best catchers in the NL…




Streaks… the
only real streak going on this week is that of the Tampa Bay Rays
and unfortunately it’s a losing streak, so my hopes of a repeat of the
2008 World Series clash has been dashed, even if they win every last
game the hopes that the other teams in the Wild Card race would lose
enough to enable them to make it are slim to none.

the O’s have taken a couple from the Yankees… the
took a couple from the Marlins… the Jays
took a couple from the Tigers… the Braves took 3 from
the Cards… the Padres took a couple from the Rockies
most of the other teams destined for the playoffs only gave up 1 loss to

Race… the
tightest race is still the NL West, although the Dodgers don’t
seem to be giving any ground and maybe the Rockies peaked
to soon, with the Giants and Rockies getting ready
to play each other, the Dodgers get a chance to extend the
lead by hosting the Pirates…


My choices at this time
will put the Angels and the Yankees in the ALCS and
the Cards and the Phillies in the NLCS.

It is September ball and we
all know that can change in a matter of a week….

For the
Phillies it remains the same for this guy…

…make the right choices and
the Phillies can be in the post season shooting for a repeat, the
wrong choices and the season ends October 4th.


18 Comments on “Cap Tip, Double Take, Spotlight and More…”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    It should be an exciting race right down to the finish line. I didn’t expect the Rays to fold, so that one is a surprise. And I expected the Braves to do better. But, as the cliche goes, there’s no predicting in baseball.

  2. indians says:

    Pedro is back. I didn’t expect him to be this dominant, but i was wrong. If the Phillies can figure out their pen.. Watch out.

  3. JQuist says:

    *Pedro’s really been a surprise to me too. I never thought he was ‘garbage’ by any means, but you would think that missing some MLB time would take a lot out of you. (Even if you ARE pitching in a different league to stay loose… Nothing tops the majors, right?) He’s been better on the mound then a ton of pitchers who never left to begin with!

  4. xcicix says:

    Yeah, defesively good catchers are very hard to come by. You see them throw the ball into center field or pass it and let a run score, but then you see the better ones making incredible blocks and plays. Excellent shout-out to Ruiz!

  5. devilabrit says:

    Jane- your right so unpredictable…and the excitement mounts…

    09Indians- your right Pedro wasn’t expected to be this dominant, but others have been the same for the first 6 or so games then reality strikes, so still no expectations here…

    JQuist- nothing like pitching in the majors…or for Pedro apparently nothing like not pitching in the majors, but its like the start of his season so as I said no expectations here…

    ibdb- thanks! good catchers are hard to come by and tough to recognise when you do have them too…


  6. TribeTed says:

    Story book Pedro last night.

    Pumping 8 strong with the help of Ruiz to get the final out =) and he is back to normal.

    If he pitches like that for the rest of the season, he could be the Phils “could possibly” go with a 4 man playoff rotation switching the fourth man between Pedro and Happ since Pedro has Le experience.

    I am really rooting for him.
    THanks for stopping by!!

    Ted’s Take

  7. mattpeas says:

    hope Donavan can recover quickly from those broken ribs. that was a cheap hit

  8. carolmwl says:

    Heh. You’ve still got me smiling with that pic of Charlie and its ‘Say no to Lidge’ caption. =) Funny.

    Anyhow, yep Pedro has surprised me big time. Of course, he had impetus to do really well this outing against his old team….those guys always want to show their old team. Geez, ex phils always crush us.

    So yes, Pedro has done well. I hope it continues. An 130 pitch shut out was just amazing.

    Think about it, Peter. Happ…..the one they say has ice water in his veins….couldn’t he do it? I wish they’d give him a try.

    But I only sort of wish it….’cause the whole decision is just so big and every game counts so much now.

    Carol How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  9. raysrenegade says:

    When Pedro Martinez first signed with the Phillies, you did not really know what you were getting.
    It was truly a crap shoot.
    You knew you had a guy who knew what it took to get to the postseason, and you knew he had that “winning” personality.
    But his time off from the game left some question marks.
    Well, he has come back into the NL and done amazing stuff to pin a few more “W’s” on the Phillies sweater.
    When he first got there I did not know if he was going to throw snake-eyes or sevens.
    I am loving see that “3” and “4” bounce off that rail and seeing the dealer pay out!

    Rays Renegade

  10. redstatebluestate says:

    Haha! That Manuel pic is pretty priceless… as was Pedro’s performance the other night. Lee/Martinez are 11-2 with the Phillies. I’d say that was a smart move to forget Halladay and go with what’s there.

  11. devilabrit says:

    Ted- Story book stuff for Pedro but can he keep it up…time will tell…

    Carol- I am sure Happ could be turned in to a closer, but I think his heart is in starting, since a closers role can be so short lived..

    Rays- it surprised me I know that, here’s hoping he doesn’t crap out before season end…

    Jeff- Halladay is history, I was one of the first to sugest Lee much to the disgust of many a Phillie fan commenting on mainly the ZoZone blogs here… I must say the manuel pic is funny I just hope Manuel takes the warning…


  12. Elizabeth D says:

    Nice post! I’m looking forward to seeing more of Ian Desmond!! I love September call-up, and hopefully we’ll see more of him during Spring Training. It’s very big to be compared to Derek Jeter this early in his career, quite an honor.

  13. southernbelle says:

    Peter: Wow! That is a very good lookalike! I have never even heard of Desmond! Ooh, he is a cutie. If I knew he existed, he would have been on my cutie post without a doubt!
    I hate to say it, but good for Pedro. I hate him with a passion, but I think it is admirable how he came back. And 130 pitches? Wow, that’s impressive for any starter. -Virginia

  14. phillies_phollowers says:

    Ha, ha….like the anti-Lidge campaign :O) Nice collage of Ruiz too….he is really underrated. Someday he get his due!


  15. rrrt says:

    Ruiz is definitely an underrated catcher. He seems to be hitting a bit better lately too.
    If Charlie says “No” to Lidge, who can he say “Yes” to? Madson doesn’t instill a whole lot of confidence in me, either. 16 (!) blown saves between the two of them – just think what the Phils’ record could really be without that crapitude.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  16. ibleedpinstripes says:

    Well, the rest of this month will no doubt be interesting. So many races, so many teams, it’s almost hard to keep up with everything at once! We’ll see what happens when it all comes down to the wire!

    – Lisa

  17. diamondgirl55 says:

    I decided I’m SO going to convert to a temporary Phillies fan when they make it to post-season. I might have told you that already. Hehe. Crossing my fingers for your boys!!!! xoxo

  18. devilabrit says:

    Elizabeth – Ian Desmond has a ways to go, but he’s definately got something going…

    Virginia – I think he probably is a contender for your cutie post, maybe he makes it next year…:-)

    Jenn – I hope Ruiz gets some recognition, it would be nice if he made the All Star team next year…

    Lisa – The race is definately shaping up now…

    dg55 – post season it’s good to have a team to shout for and I may be biased but the Phillies are definately worth it…:-)


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