A million dollar hole in one
(Golf), a $25,000 message on shoes (NFL), mountains to climb (MLB)…


League Mountains…


Yankees – without
question lead the AL east 6 games up on the BoSox with
just 14 games left to play, at the extreme they have to play better than
.500 ball for the rest of the season. The last week of the regular
season is going to be the easiest week for the Yankees and should have
no problems winning this division.

Detroit – are
currently the AL central leaders, I say currently, because
they are the team most likely to blow their post season chances, having
just a 3 game lead and still 6 games left against the Twins. Detroit
has a 4-8 record against the Twins this season, which puts
the odds in the favor of the Twins to clinch the division.

Angels – are
favorites for the AL west, holding a 7 1/2 game lead,
although they have 6 games left against the Rangers and are only
4-9 against them this season, they should be able to hold a lead in the
division based on the other teams they play. Still with 15 games left
they have to play better than .500 ball through the end of the season.

Boston – look set to
clinch the AL wild card, with 16 games left they have what
should be the easiest schedule left in the season of AL
teams, still they will have to play better than .500 ball to get a post
season spot.


League Mountains…


Phillies – sitting on
an 8 game lead in the NL east have 8 games left against
division rivals, with 16 games left to play just 1 game better then .500
ball will give them a third division title in a row.

Cardinals – with the
largest divisional lead in MLB currently at 10 games, they
are odds on favorites for the NL central. A fairly safe
schedule left for the Cards, they are now fighting for
home field advantage and of course pride against the Cubs.

Dodgers – still have
the hardest challenge in the NL to clinch their division,
they are in a much better place now than they were a week ago and so are
now looking like favorites for the NL west, especially
since they probably have the easiest schedule left of all the NL
division leaders.

Colorado – sit on top
of the NL wild card at the moment, but with just 4 1/2
games covering the top 4 teams this is the race that should be where the
excitement is right down to the last couple of days of the regular
season. The 4 teams in the hunt for the NL wild card
probably have similar schedule strengths, with maybe Florida
having the hardest and the Giants having the easiest.


Streaks… I
have decided that 5 or more games in a row are the only ones worth a
mention under streaks, so the current streaks. Win streaksPhillies
with 6 games  and the Twins and Oakland
with 5 games. Losing streaksIndians and Mets
with 6 games and the Astros and Rangers with
5 games.

the Royals have killed what was left of the CWS hopesthe
are currently trying to do as much harm as they can to
the Yankees… the Reds are trying to end the hopes of the
Marlins… the D’Backs are beating up on the Rockies…

Race… the
tightest race is now the AL central, with the Tigers
looking as though they are about to crumble under the pressure, when
your website’s slogan is: "The Pennant Race Is On"
you know you have problems. The NL wild card has the most
teams locked in a battle. This will heat up next week and I believe we
will see the Giants and the Braves emerge as
the two fighting for the winning spot.


My choices at this time
still put the Angels and the Yankees in the ALCS and
the Cards and the Phillies in the NLCS.

It is September ball and we
all know that can change in a matter of a week….

For the
Phillies and Charlie this week Thanksgiving comes early…

thankful for what you’ve got …  Got Phillies !!!


10 Comments on “MOUNTAINS to CLIMB…”

  1. xcicix says:

    I love Diet Mountain Dew! I had one with my lunch yesterday, and it was delicious. But I can’t find Code Red anywhere except in 2-liter bottles. What’s with that?
    Eight game lead?! That’s incredible.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I think your matchups will happen, but I’m too superstitious to believe anything until I see it with my own eyes! Once I witness the Yankees pouring champagne on each other, then I’ll celebrate that they’re in the playoffs!

  3. redstatebluestate says:

    Cards are a lock for dominance and bragging rights over the Cubs. After the last two humiliating Cub defeats, we Redbird fans are on top of the mountain lookin’ down sayin’ GIVE US LIDGE!

  4. heartruss says:

    I like the Dodgers chances to play the Yankees in the World Series.

  5. southernbelle says:

    Peter: I’m glad you think it will be easy for my Yanks to win! Even though they have a huge lead, I won’t be able to take a breath until they have clinched. The Red Sox are a very good club. They are capable of a comeback. I just can’t wait for th postseason!!! I think my Yanks have a great shot! I’m so excited!!!!

  6. devilabrit says:

    xcicix – I haven’t tried Code Red yet…but I do consume waaaay tooo much diet Dew…

    Jane – yeah yeah you just wanna see them pouring champagne on each other:-) we know…women are worse then men…

    Jeff – you know Lidge is really good at least 77% of the time…your gonna get to face him then….so be careful i’ve seen people fall off the top of mountains and it’s not pretty at the bottom…

    Cat – you wouldn’t be biased now would you…lol

    Virginia – I am hoping at least 4 of the divisions will be decided within the next 9 or 10 days, that way some can sit back and watch others sweat it out….


  7. TribeTed says:

    Love the post. The Indians sure are on a losing streak alright!! They have lost two more since you posted. Try an 8 game losing streak, does that get you down? 😉 Nice analysis love the spoilers. Keep up the good work. New post up.

    Ted –

  8. diamondgirl55 says:

    I think the Mariners did a good job ruining the Yankees even if it’s only to extend the time of their magic number! It made me and other Mariners fans excited, that’s for sure! :] Love the pictures and post as usual! xoxo

  9. redstatebluestate says:

    Sure. That’s a valid point. I’ll just be praying for a repeat rocket launch a la the ’05 NLCS: A.P. v. Lidge.

  10. phillies_phollowers says:

    I think the Phillies may have locked it up this weekend…but we still need to pummel the Fish…just in case :O)


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