Where in the World Am I ??

NO, I didn’t completely lose
my mind, I haven’t forgotten where I live or anything like that, but
this week, where I am means I can see children
from anywhere around 5 years old an up carrying guns, rifles to be
exact, I can also see teenagers and adults, both male and female
carrying rifles. I can see these people trying to hide and keep there
gun toting youngsters quite so as not to be heard or seen.

Where am
Afghanistan…   Iran…  
Iraq….   NO, NO and NO…. I am in fact in the good
old United States of America. If you haven’t already figured it
out, it’s hunting season and this week is gun season, well
here in Ohio anyway. I am told the deer population is high, so it helps
keep them from over running the farmers land and destroying the crops.
Okay I guess I can live with that, here in Tuscarawas County, (pronounced
) I am told that the deer population is one
of the highest in Ohio, if not the highest, to the point some land
owners had hired guns out all summer long reducing the deer population.

We get people from all
around, out of state, city dwellers, etc, etc, all coming to try their
luck at shooting a deer. Now I guess it shouldn’t matter where you come from,
when guns are involved you would think time is taken to know the law and
abide by it, plus you would also think that those who choose to go out
into the woods and try to kill a poor innocent little bambi would know
the friggin difference between a deer and other animals or know a live
one from a stuffed one, but alas some tend to arrive completely
oblivious to the fact that there are other people in the world and that they
don’t just shoot at the first thing that moves.

I really don’t care nowadays whether
people hunt or not, as long as they don’t interfere with me, and by that
I mean stay off my land and don’t shoot at me when I drive down the
road. Since most all roads are country roads around here, so they nearly
all pass through the woods and areas that hunters frequent, it’s not
unusual to catch a glimpse of a hunter aiming in your direction as you
drive, even though it is not permitted and completely stupid.

I am however not the only
person who thinks people should learn the rules of hunting before going
out with your brood armed up to the teeth with ammunition and shooting
at everything, while on my daily trek, out and about I saw this hunter
who was cornered by a rather large buck, and the buck was
explaining some facts to this hunter.

This is how it went….. 

video contains strong language and may not be suitable for minors, even
if they can carry a gun and shoot at things with real bullets)


..and in baseball, it seems
the Yankees and the Red Sox are going to get into a
bidding war over Halladay, although I still think he will stay in Toronto
till July, everything else seems fairly luke warm with no giant
movements, lots of minor league stuff going on and a few options being
had, but as I said nothing major, Billy Wagner went from the Red Sox to
the Braves on a 1 year deal with options, good luck with that

Phillies News:

Brian Schneider signed a 2
year deal with the Phillies as back-up catcher to Carlos Ruiz, Brian is
a Phillie boy from Allentown, PA. and says he’s happy to be on the team that
his family and friends have been die hard supporters of for many years.


7 Comments on “Where in the World Am I ??”

  1. Jonestein says:

    Oh jeez that was hilarious…thanks for the laugh!

  2. carolmwl says:

    Dang, now you keep safe out there with all those shotguns firing around you. =)

    So…why can’t we have Halladay?


  3. Jane Heller says:

    Wow. Be careful on the roads out there in deer hunting country! If I saw guns in my backyard I’d probably freak out. We have a few deer in the summer, but it’s more common to see coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions!


  4. xcicix says:

    It’s crazy, man, with all the hunting. But on the flip side you could have a zillion deer like in New Jersey because of the hunting laws and they get in the way of cars causing harm to themselves and drivers. It can get weird on the highway there.
    And Schneider’s a decent backup. Glad he’s happy to join the team.

  5. devilabrit says:

    Jonestein – your welcome, I am glad I made someone laugh…
    Carol – Halladay is as overpriced as anything with a Yankee logo on it…except it has a Toronto logo
    Jane – It can get freaky this week here…but it’s almost over now
    Cici – It’s weird on the highway in Jersey without deer, I remember the GSparkway well…

  6. redstatebluestate says:

    That is why I do not hunt… nor do I use a gun. I shot one gun one time and it scared the **** out of me. My dad and uncles laughed (I was 11 or 12 at the time)… so I beat them up with my Louisville Slugger. Nothin’ is better than an old wooden bat…. maybe.

  7. rrrt says:

    If it’s at all like where I grew up in Northeastern PA, the schools are closed on the first day of hunting season because too many students AND teachers take the day off. Never had any desire myself to hunt anything. My mom always worried about us playing outside during hunting season, in case some idiot mistook us for a deer.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

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