A. L. Central Crystal Ball


How will the AL Central Division look come October 2010….

Like it or not here are my suggestions for the fans of the AL Central teams…

Kansas City Royals fans, as I see it have just but one choice…


….a KU Jayhawks champions t-shirt, simply this will be the only team with the words Kansas and Champion together on sports memorabilia in 2010.

The Detroit Tigers fans are going to need to group together to get enough of this….


….because the Tigers will be nothing more than tame kitties this year, and the fans will need as much kitty litter as possible to cover the crap that they will hear from the organization as to reasons why they almost finished last.

The Cleveland Indians fans have the most to do this year if they can achieve the status I  think they can, they will need to invest twice….


tickets…tickets…tickets…because if no one goes to the games then the front office will continue to short change the fans on players. If you are one of the few that attend an Indians game be sure to have your disposable camera and take as many pics as you can of Grady Sizemore, a good, injury free year and he has potential to compete for the AL MVP this year and should almost definitely be selected to the All Star Game, but make sure the camera is disposable, just in case you can then throw it away if things don’t work out.

The Minnesota Twins fans will need to invest in a simple….


….selection of dice of games, so they can get used to a crap shoot style season, one that could go either way, competing for the top spot or struggling to stay a middle of the road team.

The Chicago White Sox fans, should have but one thing to purchase come October….


….something to make sure those sox are truly whiter than white to celebrate as AL Central champs, and what will probably be a brief post-season appearance this year.

any sarcasm is not meant to offend, unless it does, then consider the possibilities of more during the season

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16 Comments on “A. L. Central Crystal Ball”

  1. TotalBases says:

    Twins win the divison, hands down in my mind.

  2. crzblue2 says:

    I am loving the crystal ball but a little afraid of what you are going to say about my Bums and agree with it.
    Hey, tell me a little more about Monasterios. I know he is a rule 5 guy so he has to be offered back to the Phillies unless we assign him a 25-man roster spot.

    • devilabrit says:

      Emma – Don’t be afraid…..I’ll be gentle on your guys….:-)

      Don’t know much about Monasterios, he seems to do better as a relief pitcher, but he’s really only had A and AA experience, we got him from the Yankees in the Abreu deal, but I think he has looked good for the Dodgers in Spring Training and could be a good pen fit with maybe a fill in start here and there… but I think the Dodgers have to keep him on the 40 man roster so as not to lose him, not sure about that one cause he went via the Mets to you guys….


  3. xcicix says:

    Yeah, I agree with your White Sox prediction. THey can win, but they will be knocked out fairly quickly (3 or 4 games, maybe).

  4. indians says:

    Grady isn’t going anywhere because of a clause in his contract. Plus he has until 2011 before his contract runs out. (+’12 club option)
    It’s easy to assume that every star will be traded, but this is a different situation. Good post though! http://clevelandbaseball.mlblogs.com/

    • devilabrit says:

      Indians – Don’t think you read the post properly or maybe misunderstood the intent…. I never said Grady was being traded or even implied that, the idea of taking pics of him was so you would have memories of an Indian player being a possible AL MVP…. but thanks for the comment..


  5. Jane Heller says:

    I’m picking the Twins to win the division again. And I think the Tigers will surprise people.


  6. heartruss says:

    Too funny. I love your crystal ball predictions, maybe not so much when you get to my darling Dodgers.

  7. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    I’m on with the ChiSox too! I think the Tigers will surprise but not have enough. I smell comeback with Maggs. Royals? See you at the Bar-B-Q. Indians will fight it out with the Tigers for a distant 3nd place. The Twins will just play smart baseball for a 2nd place finish and maybe sneak in as a wild card. Maybe!

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