A. L. East Crystal Ball….


How will the American League East surprise baseball fans come October 2010….

Like it or not here are my suggestions for
the fans of the AL East teams…

Toronto Blue Jays have nothing left in the tank and so fans in Toronto should….


…buy themselves a fishing pole and enough beer to get through, what will be a long painful season for the Blue Jays fans.

Down in Baltimore things may not be much better, fans should consider buying…


…an Orioles bird feeder, so at least they’ll get to see one type of Oriole happy this year.

New York Yankee fans enjoyed the ultimate result in 2009 and have probably spent enough on the memorabilia covering the World Series celebrations, this year however they may need to be more practical with lots of…


…cheese for their WHINE WHINE WHINE during the season and some specially formulated tissues for those Yankee tears as they experience a season of ground outs, fly balls and strike outs instead of the walk-off wins of last year.

Down in sunny, warm Tampa Bay, the Rays fans should be prepared….


 …with their sweatshirts and hoodies so they can enjoy the cooler air in the stands at Tropicana Field during the post season with their Wild Card winning ways in the AL East.

Up in Boston, Red Sox fans should consider…


…this selection of CD’s to get them through the season to win the AL East, but be warned save the ‘Pain Relief in a box’ CD to help overcome the Red Sox early exit from post season play.

any sarcasm is not meant to offend,
unless it does, then consider the possibilities of more during the

trademarks, trade names,
copyrights and patents are the property of their respective owners.


12 Comments on “A. L. East Crystal Ball….”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    I do love the Yankees box of Kleenex! I just don’t think I’ll be needing to use it. 🙂


    • devilabrit says:

      Jane – I thought the Kleenex would be a great addition for any Yankee fan, after-all you never know when a sneezing fit may occur or those dreaded summer colds…. 🙂


  2. redstatebluestate says:

    Haha! You know how much beer it would take to satisfy a Canadian for an entire baseball season!? A CANADIAN!?! They bleed beer! LOL.

    • devilabrit says:

      Jeff – but the fishing has to be more exciting than the Jays baseball will be this year and they can always use the empty beer cans for buoyancy…. theoretically anyway


  3. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    I ‘m with the Sox winning the division. I can see the Yanks outfield being insignificant, someone from their star studded infield loosing significant time, A.J. having his off year and Joba loosing his temper and punching G.I. Girardi in the dugout up in Boston during a nationally televised game. uh?… Rays? Maybe.
    Jays? happy fishing…Ay? The oriHoles? They’ve been trying to rebuild that nest for a decade now.

    • devilabrit says:

      btb – I think your right an infielder having significant time off, not sure which one and for why, maybe scandalous reasons.. any event in Boston with the Yankees will make for a regurgitated humorous clipit on you tube


  4. Elizabeth D says:

    Early exit? I don’t like the sound of that too much. Who are we going to lose to? Please don’t say the Angels again. I hope we’ll go farther than you think.

  5. rrrt says:

    I’m enjoying your divisional previews so far. I usually try to avoid making any preseason predictions, as I’m usually wrong. Though in 2008, I did answer a mid-season MLB poll asking for predictions, and at the time I (and probably they) thought I was nuts picking the Phillies and Rays to go the the WS, but hey look, I was right! Hmm, I’ll have to try my powers of prognostication again come July.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

    • devilabrit says:

      Sue – Funny how we think things we do can affect the outcome of something so major… but who knows if it helps us get back and win again try it again, I say…


  6. raysfanboy says:

    That is the luckiest Budweiser ever. Wow.

    I like the sound of “postseason” and “Rays” in the same sentence. I think it will be tough to get a 2nd place finish, but I would love to see it again. Once you get a taste, you want more.

    Now about that beer…

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