So It Begins….

Sunday evening is the opening day game for the 2010 season. The New York Yankees visit Fenway Park to take on the Boston Red Sox. There is so much wrong with the opening to this years season, it’s the 30th time these 2 teams have played the opener.

First of all the current reigning World Series champions open the season on the road, it wouldn’t be so bad if it was a team that had little or no fan base, even with the hyped up pricing at Yankee stadium the fans do splurge for special occasions and attend games, so that’s not an excuse, but we have heard Yankee fans whine before and this will just let them whine some more.

The game is in Boston, okay so this is purely an observational comment, that unfortunately I have no substance to back it up with hard facts, I could maybe invent an inside source, but that would just be playing like the media boys and being a politician about it, anyway back on point, during the off-season there appeared to be an inordinate amount of subliminal promotion of the Boston Red Sox.

The teams themselves have what is probably a fan base that consists of arguably the highest percentage of arrogant fans in baseball and probably the world of sports, not only do both sets of fans believe they follow the greatest sports franchise that was ever created on this planet, they also believe that they are the only fans to know the facts, that they are the only ones to see the truth in plays, when the team has a call against them that is seen as an injustice to the whole concept of baseball. They will also feel that anyone who dares to write or speak any kind of non-supportive words or sentences will be a premeditated, merciless intent of attack against them personally and therefore will not find any element of humor of any form in such types of communication, and thus will feel to enter into a communicative exchange or even make comment on such a expression, would be seen to actually accept that there maybe an element of truth in what was communicated or that not everyone believes these 2 teams are the be all end all of sports franchises, thus they stick with communicating among themselves, unless they sense a turncoat that they can easily convert.

So, having said all that, not all fans of these 2 franchises are like this, just enough to warrant the expressive terms used to identify either of these clubs.

Little known things – fact or fiction 

Boston Red Sox was known as the Red Stockings, Stockings was changed to Sox to eliminate the growing belief that many Bostonian fans were cross dressing transvestites.
‘Red Sox Nation’ was originally a derogatory term, inferring the fans were a group with an imaginary history or goal.

Yankees – Yankee was originally used to reference people from the Boston area, descendants of the English.
Yankee or Yank is commonly used to refer to anyone from the United States by other countries, sometimes but not always a derogatory inference.

Evil Empire, derogatory term, now embraced by many Yankee fans, also has been used to describe, USSR, British Empire, Xerox, Kodak, Walmart, Microsoft, all things or companies that either no longer exist or have self destructed from arrogance and are reformed in a smaller dose, or are on the verge of self destruction from internal arrogance with a GOD complex.

Now I have suitable provided sufficient data to ensure zero comments from either sets of fans, for the rest of us mere mortal baseball teams the season really starts on Monday and it will be a beginning of who knows what, it’s the start of a season of unknowns, all we know for sure is that our teams will participate and our support for them will not falter. No matter how good or bad they perform we will continue to publish post that ultimately support them to the end.




11 Comments on “So It Begins….”

  1. heartruss says:

    The Dodger season opens on the road, too. And yes, I am whining!!

  2. devilabrit says:

    Cat- The Phillies open on the road too, I am sure we’ll all have something to whine about as the season progresses. I saw a picture of you waving on another Dodger fans blog… too cool


  3. redstatebluestate says:

    Every time these two teams meet I secretly hope that botulism breaks out in their respective clubhouses so we don’t have to hear about them ad nauseum FOREVER AND EVER. But it never happens.

  4. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – A benches clearing all out brawl would be awesome tonight, with a few suspensions and fines thrown in…


  5. angelsgirl012 says:

    i can’t believe i’m saying this i can’t wait until the NYY v BOS game tonight! lol I have waited for baseball too long! It has been too long! ANy game is worth watching 😀

    can’t wait!

  6. 23gonzalez says:

    Yup, regular season baseball is just a few hours away. I wish the Padres were Opening their season at home, but oh well. Hey- baseball is baseball, wherever it is being played.

  7. southernbelle says:

    Peter: YAY! Tonight is the night I’ve been waiting for…in less than 3 HOURS THE GAME WILL BE ON!
    Let’s start this season nicely…no name calling hehehe. Save it for the World Series in our teams’ rematch 🙂

  8. devilabrit says:

    mimi – you could be right there, it has felt like a major draught..


  9. devilabrit says:

    adrian – I think a number of us wish they had home games as openers, but I guess someones got to be on the road…


  10. devilabrit says:

    Virginia – Now you know it’s all in good fun… you seem to be the only Yankee fan that can take it, smile and give it back in the good humored spirit it was meant….:-) I hope you enjoy the Yankees opener tonight.

    I do hope there’s a fur flying fisty cuffs knock down brawl tonight though… just to add a little spice to the opener.. LOL

    – peter

  11. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    uhh….tthe sarcasm pleases me!
    Good luck this year!

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