On Reflection….

Just in case no one even noticed, the name changed from ‘Outside the
Phillies Looking In
‘ to ‘Phillies Outside‘ as part of a concerted effort
to make everything a little more unified, in other words, most
everything else is labeled Phillies Outside so is this blog now, so it’s easier for me, not
that anyone gives a crap, and yes you will still find the same
rambling, sarcastic, drivel as always here, unless I am feeling
particularly friendly then I may up the sarcasm a little more, no it’s not always like a kindergarten playground where you punch the ones you really like, sometimes you actually have to smack the crap out of someone cause they deserve it…

to the post at hand, a review of my past predictions and I can assure
everyone that there is absolutely no bias on these predictions, there is
no hatred targeted at any team, and just because some see a certain
blue team as the ‘Evil Empire’ and the fact that some Philadelphia
players have inferred a wish to exact revenge on that said evil empire,
I would like to assure everyone that none of that was taken into
consideration when constructing my predictions.

I see the American
League like this:


…Yes much to the pleasure of some and displeasure of others I did not select the Yankees to make the post season this year, there jump to the top of the leader board for most global denominated currency spent on average per player for a sports franchise for last year, (in case you didn’t know, the most spent per player on average is normally monopolized by English Premiership Football Teams or soccer teams to those less edumacated, last year the Yankees jumped into the top 10 at number 1), this will come back to bite them this year, as it has with other sports franchises before them in there respective sporting championships. The American League playoff picture will look like this:

Seattle Mariners vs Chicago White Sox – Mariners win
Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays – Rays win

ALCS Mariners vs Rays – Mariners win

I see the National League like this:


…No I didn’t make a mistake with the picture, this is just a reminder that the Yankees couldn’t even buy there way in via the National League, although inside sources inferred that they tried, by way of offering Mr. McCourt some under the table assistance with the silencing and/or gratifying of the soon to be ex-Mrs McCourt. The National League playoff picture will look like this:

St. Louis Cardinals vs Colorado Rockies – Cardinals win
Philadelphia Phillies vs Los Angeles Dodgers – Phillies win

NLCS – Phillies vs Cardinals – Phillies win

The World Series – Phillies vs MarinersPhillies win in 5

For all those skeptics out there, in the words of Dwayne Johnson “It doesn’t matter ,,,,,,,” as (what appears to be a couple of suited jabronees) find out…


6 Comments on “On Reflection….”

  1. thepitchersduel says:

    Interesting. I see you’re buying into the Mariner hype that is hitting the world. That World Series looks good to me my friend!


    • devilabrit says:

      tpd – I am not sure I would say I’m buying into the Mariners hype, more like at this point I think it would be cool to see Halladay square off against Lee in game 1 of a WS, I know I will be keeping a close watch for the first few weeks and maybe do some adjusting of expectations all around.


  2. welikeroywelikeroy says:

    Ha, ha. I see the bitter Yankee hatred has manifest its way in Philadelphia … after the World Series. Not like it isn’t everywhere. Supporting a team in the A.L. East, that graphic is always in the back of my head preseason.

  3. raysrenegade says:

    I actually do not see the M’s going that high this season, but the potential is there if Cliff Lee stays healthy and protects Felix Henandez.
    The pressure is on for the M’s to take the Angels off the top spot, which is entirely logical considering their offense and their starting pitching.
    But for that to come to total sense, Erik Bedard has to finally produce in 30 starts…which might be a stretch, but weirder thing have happen out West.
    Who ever is the first to 60 wins holds the key to that division, but I still think the AL East holds the ALCS race firmly in its hand.
    Love the anti Yankee sediment, but then why wouldn’t I?
    Still think the red stripe are the team to conquer in the NLCS..until someone does, it is their World Series.

    Rays Renegade


  4. devilabrit says:

    RR- I really had the outcome like this cause i think it would be cool to have Halladay and Lee go at it in Game 1 of the World Series, but I think I may have some adjustments to do by the All Star break….


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