Good, Bad or just some of the Same

– PhilliesOutside –

Same sh-it different day…. Yes the Phillies are in the middle of
that time
of the month
‘, actually they are now on the tail end of it, with just 5 days
left, they have to get through the last few days with minimum damage to the
players and their psych, they have a couple of wins to bag before the end of the
month, then it’s all new, the month of June arrives and it all starts again.

In this time of phunks and stupidity, they have nearly been no-hit, they have
struggled to score runs, they
have even struggled to get hits. Jimmy Rollins has struggled to stay off the DL,
Ryan Madson is still wishing he hadn’t kicked that chair, while Brad Lidge is
thankfully still on the DL, although he keeps telling everyone his elbow is
fine, Really? isn’t that what you said last year.

Charlie Manuel has been keeping his cool, with a few changes here and there
to the line up, sometimes not making any sense to me, but that’s what baseball
is all about, being able to find those things that the manager does that doesn’t
seem to jive with the rest of what’s going on. It’s also good that you can see
things that you feel you would have done differently, lets face it, if you agree with
everything someone does all the time then you have to be brainless or just plain
, yeah okay you could be a (insert political party of your
we are talking baseball and that means June will see the world of fastballs,
sinkers, sliders and change-ups get a strange jolt in the equilibrium which will
see the baseball planets align once again and settle into a more balanced

a time when the All Star voting is well under way, the Phillies catcher
suffered a knee injury earlier this month, is now back off the DL, but is
still suffering from some aches and pains, in an effort to try and change things
around he tried out a new catchers mask, going from the traditional to the
hockey style, needless to say by inning 3 he was back to his original style
mask. Charlie Manuel even sat him out of last nights loss, just to give him a

All the favorites seem to be in the running for the All Star Voting, but is
this proving it’s just a popularity contest and teams with fans that attend home
games actually punch that ticket, or they have fans that go online and vote.
Recently on the front page of the MLBlogs
(it’s gone now) they promoted the All Star voting and some blogs that
appeared to have relevant posts about the voting, one in particular, which I
will not name, due to probably selfish reasons, but the point being this blog
had 1 post, no bio, and looked as though it had been set up just for that
specific post, the post indicated views and selections the poster had made for
the All Star game, this was not an objective review, but a promotion of Yankees
and Reds players, where am I going with this, just trying to show some elements
of things where this has become nothing more than a popularity contest, or at
the worst a contest where players get selected because the fan base for that
team is larger, i.e. Yankees in the AL, the NL has a little more even
distribution of fan base amongst some teams, although teams like Florida,
Milwaukee and Washington will always lose out. 

Am I someone who sees a conspiracy in everything, maybe not everything, but
in today’s world probably most things that include some type of opinion based decision
has an ulterior motive, but that’s a whole new post, maybe even my next one.

We all think we know which State has some type of mojo working
against it, well I am here to tell you that the worst has to be Ohio, not
because I live there, although that maybe the problem, because they really can’t
win anything. The Cavs should have been in the NBA finals, with the players they
had, they were definitely the hot favorites to take it all, and some saw it
again last night, or those people that had nothing better to do with their
lives, saw what I am told was a guaranteed win for a girl from Ohio lose to some
guy with less talent in the final episode of American Idol with the only judge
who offered a real opinion. So for all people and teams Ohio based why bother,
oh okay.. it’s all in the fun of competing… yeah right…



8 Comments on “Good, Bad or just some of the Same”

  1. rrrt says:

    Of course All-Star voting is nothing more than a popularity contest. It used to annoy me, but now that the Phillies are actually popular, I don’t mind so much… 😉
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. raysrenegade says:

    Ever since the first time I met Paul Hoover, as a Rays farm hand, that line from “Animal House”…”Did they give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”
    He has always been associated with a comedy of errors and pratfalls.
    And since he has now been DFA’d, I suspect the Phillies might see a renewed vigor and vitality now that Hoover has gone back to selling Household goods at the Home Depot.
    Seriously, it seems like teams are doing a 180 this week and the top teams are struggling, while the bottom feeders are scarfing up “W’s” like they were orange tic tacs.
    Hopefully the world will revolve back into some normalcy by the weekend….Hopefully.

    Rays Renegade

  3. devilabrit says:

    Sue – It’s nice that the Phillies get votes, but it’s not right for it to be a popularity thing…

    RRI agree all will be normal again soon, the Phillies and Rays will be winning again….


  4. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    Ryan Madson! What a tool. And I’m with you on the MLBlogs conspiracy. If you checked the rankings a small hand full were blogs just like the one you described. What gives?! Hard to deny your Phils are in a Phunk though.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    Peter, you sound like you needed to get all that off your chest! I hope it helped. LOL. I’m not in a very good mood when the Yankees lose either, so I hear ya.

  6. redstatebluestate says:

    Hey, Peter, when did the Phils forget how to scroe runs? Oh, a week ago? Okay. Just checking 🙂 That must be the punishment for stuffing the ASG ballot box. LOL.

  7. devilabrit says:

    Mike – I am glad there is at least one more conspiracy person out there… is that a conspiracy…

    Jane – It’s amazing how much stuff you can drag out of the barrel when you have to write something while your team loses….:-)

    Jeff – Yes we forgot how to ‘scroe’ runs… but I pity the team and the pitcher when they finally unload this weekend… woo hoo


  8. crzblue2 says:

    I think they just search for entries with whatever keyword in their entry? I don’t know….
    So three shutouts for you guys and two for us. Our kids Kershaw and Ely pitched great but they were on the losing end.

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