A Halladay Weekend?

– PhilliesOutside –

A sweep is supposed to be sweet, because your team should be doing the
sweeping, when your being swept it’s definitely just a bad taste in your mouth.
The other teams and their commentators will constantly tell you how wonderful
their team is and that they
have finally started to play real baseball, which is why they are able to beat
the Phillies. If that makes you and your
teams fans feel better then go right ahead and continue to kid yourselves, we all
know the Phillies aren’t hitting, because
they’re not, it’s not an assumption it’s a fact. Some would say it’s the
opposition pitchers that have got better, after all look at the Boston
Red Sux,
they beat the Phillies
then went on to beat the Tampa Bay Rays,
that’s nice for the Red Sux, but then they lost
to Kansas City Royals, and who was on the
mound, yeah that guy that almost no-hit the Phillies.

It really doesn’t bother me too much, because for all the loses the Phillies
have suffered, they are still top of the division and that has to be eating at
the rivals in the division. In fact they can still lose again tonight and still
be on top. As I pointed out in previous posts, I expected this, I even predicted
this, maybe not the hitlessness, but certainly the loses and there is still
one more to come this weekend, so eat it up rivals and enjoy it while you can, because
it’s going to come to an end, and then you have to endure more of the same as
the Phillies build another division lead during the month of June.

This weekend though will see the end of the hitlessness and it will truly be
a ‘Halladay Weekend’ and the only person anyone should remotely feel sorry for
is the pitcher that is on the receiving end when the Phillies
finally unleash themselves from the hitlessness, they have loaded up for way too
long to not completely devastate at least one pitcher and team, the question is:
Who will it be? and When will it be?

Hope everyone is already locked and loaded like the Phillies
for the Memorial Day weekend.


6 Comments on “A Halladay Weekend?”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Very nice luxury to have Halladay as a stopper when things haven’t been going well. Enjoy him – and the weekend.


  2. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    That’s the spirit!! Don’t get down after getting shout-out three games in a row. Get Angry! ; )
    But like you say…I can’t wait to see who the pitcher is who gets lit up by them when they break out of their PHunk.

  3. angelsgirl012 says:

    Roy Halladay is my hero. If he is on the mound i’m sure it’s a 99.999 guaranteed win :D. I honestly love that guy! My favorite player teehee. I’m hoping you send him off to the playoffs!

    Have a wonderful memorial day weekend!


  4. devilabrit says:

    Jane – Definitely a weekend for luxuries…

    Mike – You can say SWEEP here you know, it’s just a game, that ultimately the Phillies will conquer this year… lol

    Mimi – Roy will be out there today, and I am definitely hoping he goes all the way this year….


  5. redstatebluestate says:

    That grip on the top of the division won’t last long unless they remember how to hit. I used to think Halladay was a lock to win every time out and then… there were the Pirates.

  6. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – i thinkyou helped get us out of a phunk… the Cards struck out all day long today and well the Phils hit today and then got a no hit perfect game….


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