The Perfect Game….

– PhilliesOutside –

Perfection is a hard thing to achieve, in baseball terms for a pitcher, it’s
throwing 9 innings and facing the minimum number of batters, just 27, without
giving up a hit, walk or anything else that may put a batter on the bases. It
was the end of the worst week of the Phillies
season so far, it was Saturday night in Florida, the Phillies
had set a record for innings without a run during the week, they were what could
only be described as having a case of hitlessness…..

Tonight the Phillies ‘ACE’ Roy
‘The Doc’ Halladay
turned the tables and threw the perfect game, not just a
no hitter, a perfect game, the 20th in baseball history, 27 Marlins
came up and 27 Marlins went down, including
3 straight pinch hitters in the 9th inning.

Roy Halladay, definitely imprinted himself in the Phillies
history books and it is well deserved. A man of class, saying he just followed
Ruiz from the 6th inning on, so to the pair of them congratulations.


12 Comments on “The Perfect Game….”

  1. philliesredpinstripes says:

    So, Ruiz is just as responsible for the no-hitter as Roy is? Good for him. They both deserve this.

  2. raysfanboy says:

    Oh my. What is it about Florida teams and perfect games? Why can’t WE throw some!? Congrats on what must have been a big thrill tonight. Don’t celebrate too hard! Then again, it’s a 3-day weekend–go for it!

  3. greg1969 says:

    Tip of the cap to Roy Halladay. The Complete Game Machine gets a Perfect Game. Congratulations to him!
    Take care, Peter.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Sorry I missed witnessing history. Congrats to Doc and the Phillies. Very exciting. Halladay was due for a perfecto – he’s that good – so it was just a matter of time.

  5. raysrenegade says:

    Got to say the Florida Marlins owner giving Phillie Roy Halladay the pitching rubber was a bit….weird, but a total show of respect for the job done tonight.
    Wild that we have now had two Perfect games in less than 20 days……
    But the Doc did deserve that kind of honor since we all know he will have a plaque in Cooperstown.
    And it just might have been the boost the Phillies needed to get out of their funk of junk and again pop some runs.

    Rays Renegade

  6. devilabrit says:

    PhilliesRedPinstripes – I liked that The Doc gave Ruiz the credit for calling the game, shows his class as a guy and a team mate…

    RFB – Celebrations have died down now…LOL but it must be the Florida air or last night it was a lot to do with the size of the SunLife park, or what ever they are calling it this week…

    Greg – I like that.. complete game machine….

    Jane – I think your right, just a matter of time….

    RR – The Phillies staff asked the Marlins ground crew for the rubber, still nice of them to give it up…it’d be nice to see a few long balls flying now…


  7. The Game Above All says:

    Doc deserved that. He’s been rotting in Toronto, and this is what it all adds up to. Gave me chills.

  8. thomasox says:

    Congrats to Philly and its fans! It was beautiful to watch, my first live action viewing of perfection.

  9. redstatebluestate says:

    That was pretty awesome. I agree. Not much else one can say about that… wowsers.

  10. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    NICE!!! That one deserves a “Fugheddaboudit”!
    Be sure to post tomorrow’s front page! For me anyway! LOL
    Enjoy it!

  11. angelsgirl012 says:

    Wow! What is it now? 1 no no and 2 perfect games so far? This is truly incredible! And it all happened to deserving people!

    This was truly special for me because i’ve been a fan of his for such a long time. He holds the title of my favorite player for a reason! What a stud! It’s been long over due and I couldn’t possibly be happier! Congratulations to Roy Halladay!

  12. devilabrit says:

    Mike – I think everyone enjoys something like that no matter who the players team is…

    Mimi – I thought that you would enjoy that, knowing how much you like Roy….


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