WTF Award for May goes to….

– PhilliesOutside –

It’s the end of the Month and since nothing really jumped right out at me and
said here this is it, I have to decide on the WTF Award
for the month of May.

As I reviewed things that came and went there were reasons why I held onto
the award this month. Some of the contenders that could have received it were….

Dallas Braden would be an obvious choice, for the perfect game
earlier this month. In all fairness to Dallas, he hasn’t done anything
before this event and the chances are he won’t do anything after this event,
other than be an average pitcher in the rotation of a ball club that struggles
to stay around the top when there being really good, but are normally fighting
to get off the bottom, in other words your destined to stay in Oakland
or at best move to Houston at some future
date when Oakland no longer wants you.
Actually the real reason is pure prejudice, I can’t give an award to anyone
named Dallas.

The St. Louis Cardinals team were
contenders for this award, last month they were the first team to allow the LOLstros
a win and this month they actually allowed the LOLstros
to sweep them, not on the road in Houston,
but at home in St. Louis. The reality is if
anyone should have got the award for this event it should have been the LOLstros,
which eliminates the Cardinals from even
being a consideration.

The LOLstros for sweeping the Cardinals,
no couldn’t do it, just can’t give anything to a team that has Ed Wade
connected to it, yep call it sour grapes, call it prejudice, I don’t care, just
not going to happen, unless he wants Lidge back.

Andre Ethier of the Los Angeles
, has been a contender for this award, no one can be out that
long with a little injury to your pinky finger, it’s like saying you’ve got to
sit the rest of the game out because your manicure needs touched up, and in his absence
they’re having a competition centered around Matt Kemp, you
can check this out courtesy of fellow blogger Crzblue’s blog,
Andre is eliminated from consideration because he’s on the same team as Manny

and Jayson Werth were considered for their
togetherness in the out field while backing up the perfect game, but Jayson
had shaved, so I thought that news may have been leaked to them that I was still
in the hunt for a suitable candidate to receive the award, so I had to instantly

It was considered to go outside the world of baseball and give the award to Fox
host Greta Van Susteren
who thought it would be rewarding to
have uncontrolled people vote on her stupidity or intelligence or lack of it, Greta
the fact that you had to have a poll that pit you against  a fan that sent
you ‘fan mail’ with a spelling error tells us who is really the one with intelligence,
then of course we have to consider how many college degree’s you need to get
your job, and calling someone out on spelling, doesn’t that make Fox News like
the kettle calling the pot black. (can I use that expression, my mum always

There were a number of other contenders, whom I could continue to ridicule as
I explain why they didn’t get it, but I’ll just get right to it. It is possible
that this is a little unfair, it is possible that there may be some bias
involved in this months award, but the award, I believe was given on merit, it’s
been given to a team who during the worst 10 days of this short season has been
shut out 5 times, a team that scored in just 1 inning out 50 innings, a team
known for home run hitting hasn’t hit a home run in 54 innings, a team that has
struggled to hit anything anywhere rallied behind their ‘ACE’ pitcher on
May 29th, 2010 to allow him to throw the perfect game, then went straight back
out there the next day to be shut out, yes my friends I give you the recipient
of this months WTF award Mr. Roy ‘The Doc’ Halladay of
the Philadelphia Phillies.

Due to other commitments I had to enlist some assistance in presenting the
award to Roy…..

….Joe was very helpful and seemed like a profession al
at the job.

Then later Roy got interviewed by Phillies
radio and tv analyst ‘Sarge’ on his great accomplishment….

….as you can see Roy was ecstatic on his great achievement.

Well done again Roy I am sure you will treasure this award, (if he knew about it), and keep it on prominent display, (if
there actually was one to display.)


10 Comments on “WTF Award for May goes to….”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    I’m sure Roy covets your award far above any of the others he’s received. LOL. Very good selection this month!

  2. thomasox says:

    Rookie Blogger here.. Thanks for the comments, PO. I was still editing my entry and didn’t realize it was published. And impressive stuff! Love the WTF awards!

  3. redstatebluestate says:

    How ’bout the WTF happened to the Phillies ability to score runs? And I wouldn’t call Braden average… he’s way above average, just riddled by injuries and a crappy offense that rarely scores… like your current Phillies bunch 🙂

  4. crzblue2 says:

    I like this WTF award! And it was a well deserved choice in Roy. Thanks for mentioning my blog! lol. Ethier is back again today. He hit well in ABQ so let’s hope he picks up where he left off.
    Still hurts that we don’t have Werth and Victorino with the Dodgers.

  5. raysrenegade says:

    I bet the WTF AWard sat next to him on the plane while the pitching rubber was stowed away in tha cargo hold.
    But that was a great assortment of viable options to also get that awesome award.
    Hopefully we will see some more of that award in the futre hopefully makes it way to guy who have gone above and beyond, but somehow faulter at the wrong moment…..
    I still love Gabe Gross’s catch in Detroit.
    He never made one like that in Tampa Bay (lol).

    Rays Renegade

  6. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    You surprised me with the winner of this month’s WTF Award. I thought for sure you were going to keep pounding on Greta.

  7. pagevalnat says:

    Maybe you should amend the WTF award…now that the Phillies are OUT of 1st. (Oh, BTW, it also means the Nats are 3 games out…we B-SLAPPED the Astros!!!)
    Still, interesting candidates this month.
    Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

  8. devilabrit says:

    Jane – Roy covets something, not sure it’s this award though…

    Michael – Thanks for stopping by, we’re all rookies….

    Jeff – As bad as the Phillies have been, they still had a better May than the Cards….:-)

    Emma – your welcome… and about time Ethier was back…

    RR – I’m hoping something a little different will turn up next month..

    Mike – Greta was an easy target… I’m sure someone else said that somewhere….

    Gary – The Phillies were in a similar spot this time last month… the Nats are definitely doing better this year can’t wait to see how Strasburg does when he comes up to the bigs…


  9. s says:

    hallladay did a great thing this weekend, but howw bout those suckky phils right now. i know they will bounce back. i hoppe they have a big win tonitee!!!!!
    – werthbabyyy

  10. devilabrit says:

    wb – last night was obviously a night that show promise, tonights the night we stop the losing


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