WTF Award for June goes to …..

– PhilliesOutside –

June the month of ‘VOTE FOR ME‘ is finally over and July the month of
WE WANT HIM‘ begins, it’s also time for the June 2010 WTF Award.
I had already given my we wants back in May, to close out a post entitled ‘Weekend
from Hell’
, all of my suggestions are still viable options.

The group of Mr. Popularities
will all gather in Los Angeles in a few days and pretend like they give a sh-t
about each other, for some it’s more a time of networking, a time they can meet
those that may be able to mention their name to the right person that may give
them a shot at getting on a post season team, for others it’s another chance to
screw the fans out of more money.

Mr Selig,  different twist for next years All Star Game,  consider
this, the NL manager
selecting the AL starting lineup
and the AL manager selecting the NL starting lineup, with obvious restrictions
like the player has to have had so many starts in that position during the
season, this would truly make the managers work on selecting the players
they would want to face and then have to work with players that may not be the
very best of the best and may not be very popular either, they would have to
select 1 player from each team. The pitchers could be selected in a similar way,
not only would this, I think make things a little more interesting it would give
some of those less popular players a chance to be in the camera eye and have a
national stage.

I hope everyone has used up those 25 votes per email address and if you have
the time you can get more email addresses. I also wonder why we don’t have text voting yet, you know text such ‘n’
number to this number if you want to vote for so ‘n’ so. They
could again restrict it to so many votes per mobile number per player.

This may seem like a post about prompting you to vote, but actually deep down I think the popularity contests should be reserved
for beauty pageants, dog shows, celebrity apprentice and American Idol, since
the voting is always fixed (according to my secret sources) it shouldn’t
matter to them how the voting goes.

Unlike the WTF Award, where the voting is fair, it’s uncomplicated, there is
no room for cheating, and everyone has an even chance of winning.

WTF Award for June 2010, nominations are:

Jim Joyce is nominated, not because he made umpires seem almost
human by showing tears in his eyes, not because he stood up like a man and said “I
got it wrong”,
the nomination for Jim Joyce is based
purely and simply on the fact that he F-CKED UP.

New York Mets Front Office for those who are thinking, what the
hell did they do to make the list, well it could be that despite having all the
Miller Highlife removed for abusive pricing they still manage to have patrons consume
huge amounts of adult beverages, no that wasn’t it, it is of course the giving
up of Jerry Seinfeld’s personal box to Lady GaGa.

Adidas, if you’ve seen any of the news you’d know that
re-invented the ball, as with every World Cup anything new everyone has
to have their say and the complaints of the ball not moving right or flying
through the air like it’s a drunk driver, truth is if your a professional a ball
is a ball is a ball, get over it, Adidas however, well done on
adding to the world a perfect round spherical object that people kick.

Detroit Tigers what other team could say that the last call of
2 different games in one month were totally wrong, yes the game against the
Indians should have
been a no hitter and the game against the Braves should have gone to extra
innings, but nothing in the world of baseball is really perfect, which is why
when this happens we say WTF.

Florida, the whole damn state, why, because only Florida as a
state could have it’s baseball teams in the media for being no hit 3 times, for
firing a manager, and site searching for new ball park locations, yet a tourist
map giving a sporting look at Florida doesn’t show anything remotely
related to baseball.

There were a few others that could have been on the list, but the final
winner of June 2010 WTF Award, goes to an individual who, during June took his
life to a new level, showed everyone he can be more than anyone ever thought
possible, in an instant this person stepped up and became a man in front of the
whole world, he’s by no means the first to show everyone what he’s capable when
it’s needed, this person could be a true great friend to those that need one,
this person went above and beyond their normal routine, this person made me
say WTF.

….you guessed it, RSBS co-host
Allen Krause, who during the
month of June came out of the closet and showed everyone he does know how to use
the comment feature at MLBlogs. You can see how I originally reported the incident
, or alternatively you can visit the actual WTF happening here
and scroll down to the 5th comment.

The image with Al accepting his award, was stolen from an RSBS
and imagicalated by moi.


12 Comments on “WTF Award for June goes to …..”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Well deserved award for Allen!!!! His Tigers get my vote for the runners up.

  2. redstatebluestate says:

    AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dude, I’m p’ing myself right now. Thanks for the laugh. Wait til WTF Allen sees this…

  3. raysfanboy says:

    I can see the big bikini lady every time I hit the beaches. So, I can tell you, the map is legit. Don’t let the word get out.

  4. mattpeas says:

    I screamed WTF at PNC Park last night on more than one occasion. 1. More Phils fans than Bucs fans 2. Bucs won!great game and im ready for a sweet series. the place will be packed all weekend

  5. devilabrit says:

    Jane – Tigers were unlucky thats for sure…

    Jeff – Glad to have helped you p…. naaaa

    rfb – I hope she’s there, am planning my vacation round her…

    Matt – 2 great games…. I still think a lot of Pirates problems is coaching and management… some very talented players which is why i thought they would break .500 this year


  6. thomasox says:

    Hey Peter,
    Funny funny stuff here. I love it.
    Also, where can I get one of them t-shirts to wear to my next Phillies game, which happens to be Monday. Next one is the 23rd.

  7. the_phanatic_addict says:

    Congrats on making the Top 50 again! You’re moving up I think, right? Great stuff! Goooo Phillies!


  8. crzblue2 says:

    Bravo Peter! Great post!
    When I openned this I said to myself “That is right! the WTF award!” LOL.
    Bud light Selie should take an award this month. BTW, I am going to the All-Star game!
    So you passed on going to PIttsburgh for the inlaws? WT…

  9. raysrenegade says:

    Peter, Florida right now is on the verge of collasping and maybe sinking from the Union.
    Not becuase of the baseball chatter about teams new stadiums, or even the music that will play as the Florida Marlin’s new stadium roof closes. the world is under the expectation that Florida is covered in crude oil from stem to stern, so we might as well put up a “Closed” sign for tourists and anyone else looking for a suntan.
    With the unempoloyment, community in-fighting, and the crude oil balling uyp on the pristine emerald waters and white quartz sandy beaches, we are becoming a Southern New Jersey shore.
    Could be worse….We could follow the Mets own debacle.

    Rays Renegade

  10. phillies_phollowers says:

    I am going to give a big WTF to the Phillies entire month of June and start of July. Yuck. Depressing to watch.


  11. barbward says:


    I swear that I commented on this post but guess not. I’m losing it. Funny stuff for sure. I also like to say Congrats for making the top 50. I aspire to be on that list one day. Doubt it but I can always dream. Barb

  12. devilabrit says:

    Michael – That T-Shirt is actual from ’92 and is a Schilling shirt that has had the Outside added.

    Michael – I live on the top 50 roller-coaster, just having fun

    Emma – congrats on your ASG involvment…

    Jenn – It can only get better right…

    Barb – Anything is possible in the blogosphere twilight zone…


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