Phillies catching Braves ….

The baseball madness continues, after a road trip that saw the Phillies lose the last 2 games of July to the Washington Nationals, since August began the Phillies haven’t lost, they took the last of 3 from the Nationals, sweeping the Marlins in Florida and now back home taking the first of 3 from the Mets. I think enough has been said of the Marlins game, without a perfect over head shot it’s going to be debated for ever, fair or foul, regardless of everyone’s opinions, it was called foul, and as we know there’s no changing the call.

The Phillies returned home, arriving in the very early hours of Friday morning. The Phillies haven’t lost at home since before the ASG, and even then the last series was a sweep of the Reds, so with the Mets in town the Phillies were trying to extend the 11 game winning streak at home to 12.

At CBP the weekend is the alumni weekend, it kicked off with the induction of Darren Daulton into the Phillies Wall of Fame….

….Daultons plaque resides on the wall next to the late great Vuk.

The game got under way and it wasn’t too long before the hot hitting Carlos Ruiz……………..

……..proved that he’s still swinging a hot bat, much to the delight of the ‘Chooooooch’ screaming fans.

The fans also got to see the debut in a Phillies uniform of the most recent acquisition……….

…….Mike Sweeney, I have heard good and bad of Mike, the bottom line is he has to fill a roster spot and not the shoes of Howard. Last night he came through, showing he hasn’t forgot how to play 1st base and he can swing a bat. His only downfall may be that he picked up the number 5 shirt. It will take more than one game to prove critics wrong or right, so we’ll see how he has made out come September.

The 3rd and 4th innings saw the Mets take the lead and silence a lot of the Phillie fans, the 8th inning managed to turn that around as the Phillies sent 11 to the plate and scored 6 runs. The Mets came back in the 9th and scored 3 causing Manuel to bring Lidge in for 1 out, it was again one of those occasions where you could feel it slipping away, fortunately for Phillie fans Lidge managed to get the 1 out needed. It was this guy you may have felt sorry for…..

…..he had a great seat at CBP, but was surrounded by Phillies fans, as most of the Mets fans left by the end of the 8th inning this guy stuck it out to the end and the TV camera crew for some reason seemed to single him out and show his changing emotions, so not only did he have to suffer the onslaught of celebrating Phillie fans around him, I am sure he would find out lately he got his 15 minutes of fame at the cost of a Mets loss. As for feeling sorry for him, naaaa, being a Mets fan surely he has to expect embarrassment and disappointment….

Phillies are now 1 game back in the NL East with a long home stand ahead.

Useless stats 101 – The Mets and the Phillies have been sparing rivals on and off since ’62 over 827 games, both team shave had 10 game winning streaks on each other, largest victory 26-5 Phillies over Mets in ’85. My favorite exchange Tug McGraw in ’74.


6 Comments on “Phillies catching Braves ….”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    I saw that guy on TV and wondered why they kept showing him! He deserved a medal for sticking it out but I’m not sure he was ready for his closeup. lol.

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    Yea…don’t remind me of Tug McGraw. I want the Mets to retire his number after they stop chasing their tails in circles. It looks like Mets are calling up all kids now…and finally…I’m happy about that. Another loss today should hasten more changes to my club…so thank you!
    : D

  3. redstatebluestate says:

    That Mets fan looks… constipated. Or maybe he’s just a Republican.

  4. santosis says:

    The Phillies have a strong, veteran team (and veteran here isn’t a euphemism for “old”–not for a year or two, anyway). They didn’t have a great first half, but they should be the rock stars of that division in August and September. To state the obvious, Oswalt has to pitch well.

  5. southernbelle says:

    Peter: Mike Sweeney? Wow that’s random. I remember when he was really REALLY good. I got confused for a sec when I read “Manuel brought in Lidge for 1 out.” I was like “Since when is Brad Lidge on Jerry Manuel’s team?” Duh! Charlie Manuel = Phillies, Jerry = Mets. My bad!

  6. devilabrit says:

    Jane – I think they were hoping he would explode…

    Mike – TUG…TUG….TUG….TUG okay i wont remind you anymore…TUG…TUG…. okay from now

    Jeff – I think he just realized he was in Philadelphia

    Santosis – here’s hopin Oswalt comes through…

    Virginia – It’s confusing I know, but try and stay with the program..LOL


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