From New York to Los Angeles …..

Phillies Outside

The Phillies and the Mets conclude there weekend of fun in the
sun. The Mets as usual were a tough opponent for the Phillies, but with players
like Ibanez and Ruiz swinging hot bats at the moment the advantage went to the
Phillies. This weekend was the first time this year the Phillies saw Beltran and
as a special treat, Beltran got to taste….

….the cushioning placed on the center field fence, he can
thank former Phillies center fielder, Aaron Rowand for soft get together with
the fence. If you didn’t see this as a web gem you should hunt it down, he back
tracked hoping to catch a ball that just kept going back and he wasn’t expecting
the fence to be there. Obviously it wouldn’t have been so humorous had the fence
not been padded, Beltran suffered no ill effects, just shock of the moment.

in baseball the trading took a curious turn when instead of players on the move
we saw the Pirates finally came to their senses and moved the pitching coach,
Joe Kerrigan, to the long list of unemployed. I have made it no secret that I
have a complete and utter dislike of Kerrigan. The Pirates now need to find
themselves somebody who can help develop the pitching staff into what they
should be, someone like a Duncan, Anderson, McDowell or even a Hickey style
pitching coach, all these guys have different styles yet are very good with
young upcoming talent and can assist the more seasoned pitchers as and when they
need it too.


The Phillies welcome the LA Dodgers to town for a 3 game stint.
Although just 4 games over .500 and currently sitting 4th in the West division,
they are never an easy mark and should be looked upon as if they are running
away with it like last year. Hopefully they’ll leave Manny Ramirez in
California. I guess we can’t do anything about having to endure the onslaught of
Padilla’s constant flesh fluid secretion dowsing the mound on day one of the 3
days, at least it’s Kyle Kendrick sharing the mound with him and not Hamels or
Oswalt or even Halladay, that could scar them for the rest of the season. Lets
see what the Phillies make fo the os called ‘Soap Bubble’ pitch.

Useless stats 101 – This time last year the Phillies had
just experienced umpire Ed Rapuano’s ever changing strike zone and his ability
to to throw out Shane Victorino in center fielder from home plate for throwing
his arms in the air, when an obvious strike was called a ball.


6 Comments on “From New York to Los Angeles …..”

  1. redstatebluestate says:

    Man, I remember that game! That was the first (and only) time I’ve ever seen someone thrown out while playing center field. And I love the picture up top there… thanks for pointing out Beltran’s whoopsie moment.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Padilla’s constant flesh fluid secretion? LOL!!

  3. raysrenegade says:

    They play that blooper reelall the time at the Trop of that smack by Rowland’s into the green metal grating in CF. To this day, I still cringe a bit when it comes on the screen.
    Glad to see your guys have found their groove again and will make the next 50 game interesting again.
    I always love it how Umpires have great distance vision, but for some odd reason have a decreased focal vision, especially around that keystone formation of Home Plate. Guess it is an acquired vision problem….

    Rays Renegade

  4. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – And it seems so long ago now….

    Jane – LOL…. I had a tough time finding just the right words for that one…


  5. mattpeas says:

    I’m glad Kerrigan is gone. He came in last year and actually did a good job teaching the starters like Duke and Maholm hw to live up to their potential as highly touted prospects. There were reported ego problems and Joe got a little lax in his teaching style. It was evident this year with our horrendous starting pitching. The further he is away from the bucco dugout the better

  6. crzblue2 says:

    Padilla can continue with his fresh fluid secretion as long as he continues to pitch the way he has been pitching since the All-Star. Did you see the soap bubble?
    Go Padilla!
    Go Dodgers!


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