WTF Award for August goes to….

Something I haven’t heard for sometime, recently changed, when I heard one of my all time favorite sayings – “Time is something to prevent everything happening at once” The game of baseball is testimony to that statement, with 162 games over 6 months to figure out which teams will play into month 7, although sometimes it seems like it all happens in month 6, it is just an accumulation of outcomes from the numerous WTF occurrences that have taken place during the season.

xxxx, nude, naked, phillies, mlb, pujols, cards, obama, wtf, whitehouse, sex, scandal, nfl, teens, iphone, droid, whitehouseAugust saw it’s share of those WTF moments, from coast to coast baseball gave us some gems and as with other months most of those came from the umpires, from early in the month right through to the end. They never seem to have favorites or teams they actually really dislike, although at times your team is always the one getting the brunt of their wrath. With the ability to replay, slow down, freeze frame every pitch, play and call that can affect the outcome of every game the umpires are constantly under the spotlight, so this will constantly produce WTF moments from umpires everywhere..

xxxx, nude, naked, phillies, mlb, pujols, cards, obama, wtf, whitehouse, sex, scandal, terrrorism, angry, fight, scream, scary, hoaxThe month also saw a couple of teams position themselves for this award, not because of the outstanding achievements they had as a collective body, but because they found the need to act like unruly children, NHL players even NFL players. You could say the heated moment between 2 teams fighting for the lead of a division can at times be explained, and is there such a thing as equal punishment, since both teams could have acted more like baseball players and not NHL players. The confusion was in Florida, although this happened on the first day of September, I decided to use it for August just so that we keep the fights together and keep them away from the post season run. We had 2 teams fighting to end the season better than the Mets, fighting each other, this wasn’t heated because the season depended on it, this was simply senseless and a definite WTF moment, but I will not reward those that are teaching our youngsters criminal behavior.

xxxx, nude, naked, phillies, mlb, pujols, cards, obama, wtf, whitehouse, sex, scandal, houston, astros, lol, texting, appsOn a high note of the year for at least one team, they started the season off as, in my eyes, the worst team in the National League, they seemed to continue on that same line. In July they made some trades and things seemed to change in August, they had one of the best records in baseball for August with 17 wins, the managed 3 sweeps, yes one may have been against the Pirates, but they also swept the Cardinals and the Phillies. The LOLstros have acted like the worst team in baseball, but WTF have they been drinking in August, okay no chance of post season play unless the Cards continue to meltdown and the Reds follow suit.

xxxx, nude, naked, phillies, mlb, pujols, cards, obama, wtf, whitehouse, sex, scandal, iphone, att,verizon, cubsTalking of meltdowns, I almost included the San Diego Padres in this list, they have managed to get swept back to back to back, but it seems to me there WTF moment is still ongoing. It would feel right if I didn’t include Lou in this months list, cause lets face it WTF was he thinking (insert retiring or staying this long).

I finally settled on giving the award to a man who has acted like a gentleman through hardship and adversity. His team started of the month in a divisional fight and a literal fight. It was difficult to find anyone worthy enough to present him with this award, but eventually someone who’ll do anything for a shot at being in the spotlight jumped at the chance. The WTF award for August 2010 goes to….

xxxx, nude, naked, phillies, mlb, pujols, cards, obama, wtf, whitehouse, sex, scandal

….Albert Pujols, and so we had the chance for the POTUS to award the PUJOLS. Even though he has brought his game and played well enough to give him consideration as the NL’s MVP his team has let him down as they slowly loose contention and could possibly give the chance of the 2010 MVP award to his counterpart at the divisions winning team. A pending free agent at next seasons end, he hasn’t demanded movement to a club that could give him another WS ring, he’s kept smiling and playing the game like the true sportsman that he is, this to some may not be a true WTF moment, but to me its a  WTF must he be thinking.

Useless stats 101 – In 2003 Detroit had the least amount of wins in a season during the last 10 years, and they were eliminated from the race by August 21st, the earliest of any team in the last 10 years, Mike Maroth a Detroit pitcher lost 20 games that season. On the bright side they weren’t the 1962 Mets.


9 Comments on “WTF Award for August goes to….”

  1. crzblue2 says:

    Ahhh WTF award time! Wish the Dodgers had a player like Albert Pujols but I hope he does stay a Cardinal. It just would not be right to see him in another uni. One of the last of the Mohicans.

  2. redstatebluestate says:

    Well, he may well be thinking that, but he’s signed through 2011, so he’s got another year to think about it. (PS, he ain’t goin’ anywhere 🙂

  3. raysrenegade says:

    Honestly I think we should get the factory going full steam ahaed and give a special WTF edition award to those timely gentle—goofs who man our bases every night.
    Not just one occasion, but multiple times with all 30 teams this year blown calls or even misguided loyalties might have kept this playoff race alive in some divisions.
    From Angel Hernandez to Bill Joce, we have seen the bad and good of the men in blue this year that maybe we can give them a Lifetime Non-Achievement Award.
    You know Joe West will show up to grab it with a 10-gallon Stetson and red denim jeans.

    Rays Renegade

  4. phillies_phollowers says:

    The Nats/Marlins fight was certainly my WTF moment of the year. And Pujols is a class act…I’d expect nothing less from him.


  5. southernbelle says:

    Peter: For a second I thought you were giving the WTF Award to Barack Obama…to me that would have been more appropriate…ANYWAY Albert Pujols is a real class act. I’d love to see him on the Yankees, but then again, he’s such a Cardinal. And we have Teixeira 😛

  6. devilabrit says:

    Emma – I agree AP should be made to stay and suffer…:-)

    Jeff – It doesn’t look as though he’s even going to the post season, so I guess he isn’t going anywhere…

    RR – I agree a season long WTF of ump’s needs a special ump award…

    Jenn – Nats/Marlins was special, but still lots of game time left for something heated to happen elsewhere

    Virginia – I can understand the mistake, but WTF moments are a daily occurance in the Whitehouse….


  7. rrrt says:

    So many possible WTF moments to choose from! Though you could probably find a month’s worth involving just Nyjer Morgan. Maybe he deserves a special season-long award.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  8. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    While I craft a response to the 1962 Mets crack…I ask WTF were you thinking giving Pujols the August WTF? I would have given it to Dibble for WTF he was thinking. But hey…WTF. Or was that

  9. devilabrit says:

    Sue – I think Morgan may need a straight jacket not an award

    Mike – I’m not sure any crafting is needed the ^@ Mets plain out sucked… 🙂


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