Well That SUCKED!!

Phillies Outside

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wasn’t quite the ending I had hoped for this season, but none the less it
happened, one of the beauties of baseball is the outcome is unpredictable. Once
gain the Phillies hurt themselves with too many missed opportunities, the blame
game is rife among Phillie fans, from the fact that they let Cliff Lee go at the
end of last season, to the money they gave Ryan Howard.

It’s a fact that Howard should not have stood with his bat on
his shoulder and watched a low pitch get called a strike, after all isn’t
hitting that ball why he’s paid mega bucks. The fact is it should not have come
down to that ball, the Phillies were a better team than that, they just didn’t

For me, I just think they got too comfortable after the sweep of
the Reds, the 7 day rest, put them all into that non- aggressive mode we’ve seen
on and off all season long. It wasn’t just the hitters, the pitchers looked like
they were still in spring training. What’s done is done, it’s easy to sit back
and find fault with the things that went wrong, it’s a little harder to predict
them before they occur. Lets face it, most of the analysts had the New York Mets
and the Atlanta Braves as the 2 top teams in the NL East before this season got

With the end of the 2010 season comes the end of some players
roles with the Phillies, one in particular, Jayson Werth. Some think he may
re-sign with the Phillies, but my guess is he’s done. Amaro, doesn’t like
pressure from Boras, and with at least a 15 – 17 million dollar price tag, it’s
not going to happen.

A number of Phillie fans see Werth as someone to keep, someone
they invest good money with for the years ahead, which is nothing more than
being sentimental about the team of players. It’s time for him to go, he came to
the Phillies as a pretty Werth-less player and in my opinion he’s leaving a
pretty Werth-less player. He had a good year when he was being platooned in
2008, he had a good year in 2009, he first as a full time outfield player, but
this year, was not the type of year you would want to ride the free agent market

I can hear all the whiners, but he hit….  he did this….
he did that….., maybe but he didn’t appear a team player most of the time, he
had too many lapses of concentration and he didn’t hit for **** with RiSP. So I
say, have fun on the free market Jayson Werth and maybe we’ll see you in someone
else’s outfield or maybe you’ll turn out to be just like Johnny Damon, taking
whatever is on offer just to play and fizzle out.


3 Comments on “Well That SUCKED!!”

  1. redstatebluestate says:

    And now for something completely different: The beginning of the end of the Phillies reign…. just sayin 😉

  2. kaiserthegreat says:

    Hey! Where’s that logo image thingee? I want to see the update!

  3. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – Your so hurtful when the Phillies are down… LOL, you can dream a little i guess…

    Michael – since you ask so nicely..:-)


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