Patience is a Virtue…

– PhilliesOutside –

Monday morning the Phillies had to be feeling good, they took the
weekend series away from the Mets who had come into the Bank as
one of the hottest teams in baseball, demolishing the Phillies in the
opener on Friday night, but the backlash of this from the Phillies saw Halladay
shut out the Mets then the offense took the Mets number 1 Santana
into uncharted territory knocking 8 runs off him in the 4th inning, which would
end up being a 9 run inning, which was all the Phillies would need in the 11-5
win Sunday.

So Monday morning would have had a feel good look about the club house, with
eyes set on the pending 4 game series against the St. Louis Cardinals,
the Redbirds have the best record in the National League, so this
is going to be a tough series, but as always would be a well fought series.

The game gets underway and as expected it’s a tight close fought game to
start, then the umpires have to get involved. They didn’t show any favorites
they just seemed to spoil what would have been a really good game without there interference,
as it happened the Phillies showed lots of patience at the plate against
a very good young Cards pitcher, unfortunately the umpires caused Manuel
to loose his patience and found himself being ejected….

….the home plate umpire definitely had a very bad game causing
players on both sides to question his abilities at calling balls and strikes, in
addition to both managers questioning his abilities at calling plays at first
and third, I just hope the umpires have had their day in the spotlight for this
series and can now let the teams get on with it and battle it out.

Kudos to the Cards for taking game 1 of this series.


Sloppy Phillies End 10 Game Win Streak…

Well there was not much to say about today’s game, except the weather conditions were almost perfect for the ball to travel far and wide, except it didn’t, it didn’t even come close to reaching the fences.

sloppygiftcard.jpgIt would be unfair to single out any specific Phillies player, because frankly most were sloppy at one time or another, pitching, offence defense, you name it.

The home plate umpire is a different story, he deserves to be singled out. It wasn’t the fact that he should have been wearing a Zambrano Fan Club shirt, it was more like an ‘I Hate Phillies’ shirt, the strike zone was a little, shall we say expandable and contractable, and his sun glasses blocked his view of a critical called strike on Bako when it clearly wasn’t a strike, the ball actually bounced in the dirt, dirt flew up and everything, but as usually they’re always right, so came the ejection of Charlie Manual