Sloppy Phillies End 10 Game Win Streak…

Well there was not much to say about today’s game, except the weather conditions were almost perfect for the ball to travel far and wide, except it didn’t, it didn’t even come close to reaching the fences.

sloppygiftcard.jpgIt would be unfair to single out any specific Phillies player, because frankly most were sloppy at one time or another, pitching, offence defense, you name it.

The home plate umpire is a different story, he deserves to be singled out. It wasn’t the fact that he should have been wearing a Zambrano Fan Club shirt, it was more like an ‘I Hate Phillies’ shirt, the strike zone was a little, shall we say expandable and contractable, and his sun glasses blocked his view of a critical called strike on Bako when it clearly wasn’t a strike, the ball actually bounced in the dirt, dirt flew up and everything, but as usually they’re always right, so came the ejection of Charlie Manual