The A-Rod Cloud….

The now famed Doctor Galea, seemed to feel it was acceptable to lay claims to assisting A-Rod with an inflamed hip following his surgery last year and denies that he prescribed or administered any HGH, PED, Steroid or any other illegal narcotic banned for use by MLB players to A-Rod. True or False, at this point it doesn’t matter, the fact that he has admitted having medical interaction with A-Rod should seriously damage A-Rods future.


No it’s not because he’s a member of the ‘Evil Empire‘ or that miraculously he managed to start hitting the ball better at the end of the year. Simply it’s because, one lie generates another lie and escalates to a point where it’s very difficult for anyone to determine where the lies end.

What Lie? or Which Lie?

Back in 
December the Times reported that A-Rod’s representatives denied A-Rod had any dealings with Doctor Galea. It seems the team had suspicions, because they found it necessary to ask the question.

Does A-Rod have any defense, for this he could just continue to flat out deny he had any dealing with the Doctor, but if that is a lie, it will just generate more lies to cover up the first and you know sooner or later the media will get proof of some kind.

The surgeon who operated on A-Rods hip, Marc Philippon, denies having been aware of any hip problems after A-Rod left Colorado a month after the operation and again when he was cleared to play ball.

I am just curious, does anyone watch the games that the players play in, or do they just stand around sucking up the money, it was plain to everyone who actually watched any Yankees games down the stretch that A-Rod had some discomforted as this image shows from a game in August….


… there you have it, if overpaid Doctors of sports teams just watch the players now and then maybe they would know more.

This in no way can excuse A-Rod, firstly for not telling anyone that he was having problems, or if he did, not clearing it with the team before seeing a non-authorized Doctor.

More claims came in that he has at least once canceled his interview with the FBI, although now he has had a chance to review what the Doctor said about him I feel sure A-Rod will make a point to get his interview out of the way.

The problem is and will always be that we will never truly know for sure, since the MLB doesn’t test for HGH, it just forbids it’s use. So whether the mighty ‘Evil Empire’ decide to make an example of A-Rod or sweep it under the carpet one thing is for sure that A-Rod will always be surrounded by that undeniable CLOUD of CONTROVERSY and MYSTERY.




6 Comments on “The A-Rod Cloud….”

  1. TribeTed says:

    The controversy surrounding ARod is like the media surrounding Lebron James. They love em.

    It’s amazing that the multitude of lies can lead to only …. wait no consequences have taken place yet…


    Oh gosh, he’s a sly one. 🙂


  2. devilabrit says:

    Ted – At least the media surrounding Lebron is a positive coverage…. I will not hold my breath to see any consequences that may or may not be applied to A-Rod….


  3. redstatebluestate says:

    A-Rod and controversy? Together? Intertwined? I don’t see it 🙂

  4. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – Apparently nor does anyone else, that or they are just turning a blind eye and hoping it goes away again with a less than perfect press conference that they can praise and sweep under the Yankee rug….


  5. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    …like flies affinity for fresh dung. He’s his own worst enemy. He couldn’t stay out of the spot loght in a phone booth.

  6. devilabrit says:

    btb – HAHAHA I like your analogies of the situation….


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