Just Stupid ….

– PhilliesOutside –

What a weekend already, it’s almost the end of the month, July will be here
in the next few days and Independence Day celebrations will be upon next
weekend. All that to come and we still have this weekend to finish, the staring
role being out in Los Angeles and the headline hungry A-Rod, I am sure the media
make more of it than is there, I am sure we all add to the snowball effect of
hyping up a situation when it really is no big deal. It is difficult to look the
other way when it involves A-Rod, because lets face it, it’s probably not so
innocent, in fact it’s probably far from innocent. 

Sports Illustrated,
got suckered like so many, way back in 2004 hailing A-Rod as the greatest player
in baseball, stating things about how Jeter should move to 2nd and let the superior
player take up at Short Stop, had someone then said, well it’s A-Roid not A-Rod,
they would have said you had sour grapes, you were a Rangers fan or even a
die-hard Jeterholic, the chances of agreeing with you were as slim as A-Rod
telling the truth to Katie Couric when she asked him point blank if he used any
PED’s, of course he said no, they all do.

He can give it but he can’t take it, ask Ashton Kutcher who punk’d him, ask
Dallas Braden who he dished it out too and finally ask his ex-wife who showed
her thought via a t-shirt at a ballgame. Now it’s Joe Torre’s turn, who A-Rod once
said he preferred playing under Joe than the Rangers organization chose to
ignore Joe at Dodgers stadium this weekend, when it was obvious others wanted to
say hi to Joe, A-Rod was uncomfortable when he got within 10 feet….

…..I didn’t set out to bash A-Rod, it just snow-balled out of
control, it’s just that A-Rod does so much and then denies everything, I am sure even when
he is in his 70’s he will still be saying “I’m young and stupid”
as someone I am sure has already pointed out, getting 1 out of 2 right is okay,
and trust me your not young anymore, and besides you lost that claim when you
chose to father children, I am sure you probably tried to tell everyone, you
didn’t know what you were doing then, the only thing left right now is to see who’ll claim the first use of
A-Fraud and A-Roid.

For those that have been following the FIFA World Cup, you must
have heard by now that the USA is a Ghana from the tourny, beaten by the little
country in Western Africa, a country which is younger than the USA, but one
where the kids play football barefoot from about 3 years old. I have to say I
have found out since being here that the knowledge of international geography in
the United States is somewhat appalling, so here is a map of the world with the
USA and Ghana indicated….

….this is the beauty of the FIFA World Cup, it doesn’t matter
how big you are or how much money you have, it’s a game of skill and talent that
comes about from practice. I am sure some pundits will tell you how the USA was
robbed and should be going through to play Uruguay, but I am here to say, the
USA was lucky to even go to extra time, Donovan almost missed the penalty kick,
which after the USA coach had made a big thing in the press of players that fall
down, there was a lot of it going on from the USA team during the 2nd half of
this game, especially near and in the penalty area. All in all Ghana out played
the USA and deserved the win, congrats to them.

England met with Germany, which is probably the biggest rivalry
between 2 countries in this sport, the young German players showed poise and
maturity, which had been promoted as being the advantage England should have
enjoyed. Germany advances to the next round and will meet the winner of the
Argentina v Mexico game later today. The biggest disappointment of this World
Cup was the over hyped Wayne Rooney who was a total non-issue regardless of who
England played. There wil be those who would say that if the goal England scored
had been allowed then they would not have left the defense so wide open as they
threw caution to the wind to try and win, that unfortunate is the name of the
game and crying won’t change the result, demanding rules change to accommodate
your teams needs is not how sports should be played. The England team will have
to endure the return home and suffer the full weight of the media,
Germany get to advance, well done to them.

The Phillies were on the road in Philadelphia, weird, road grays
at home, even the broadcasters changed locations, yet what of the dug out and
bull pen, why didn’t they change places, one of the mysteries we have to live
with like the rest of the G20 summit. Still not sure why all those countries
spend all that money to tell each other how sucky the world’s finances are

In Philadelphia, we had a weekend that saw….

…. Halladay take game 1 and Moyer take game 3, which put Moyer
over 4,000 innings pitched and the pitcher with the most homers hit off him, I
guess we’re going to see something every time he pitches now, so good and bad
records will be set, since he has pitched in 4 decades and is into his 25th year
in the majors.

It’s the end of inter league play as the Phillies head for a 1
week road trip closing June out in Cinci and opening July in Pittsburgh. I now
get a week of calling MLBTV to tell them I’m not in the blackout area for these
2 clubs, oh joy.


12 Comments on “Just Stupid ….”

  1. barbward says:

    What we see is a man/pitcher, Moyer, who never says die which is phenomonal in it’s own right. Not much to say on A-Rod. He’s not a fine example of a professional baseball player. He gets no respect from me. Barb

  2. Jane Heller says:

    You want to bash A-Rod for the PEDs? Fine. For his unwillingness to engage in a hug fest with Joe Torre? No way. He’s not one of the Yankees’ core four who grew up under Torre’s tutelage. They didn’t have a good relationship. He’d be a hypocrite if he faked it. More power to him for not going that route. And he wasn’t the one who hogged the headlines about this. The media made more out of it than it was.


  3. devilabrit says:

    Barb – Moyer is definitely answering any pre-season doubters questions on his abilities because of his age….

    Jane – As I said the media are making more of it then is there, I didn’t expect a hug fest, maybe a hand shake, since they were 10 feet apart, but it seems A-Rod didn’t see Joe Friday, but I guess A-Rod got to fake it today


  4. redstatebluestate says:

    My favorite comment from yesterday at this English bar where I watched the game… “WE WON THE WAR! WE WON THE WAR! WE WON THE WAR!” I swear, man, the whole crowd started chanting that around the 80th minute. It was awesome.

  5. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    YEP!! knowledge of geography in this country does suck!…along with knowledge of a lot of other things. Trust me…WORLD CUP has left the building in this country. Only reason why people play soccer here is for a college scholarship. We have so much farther to go. USA did play spirited for the most part but we’re not up to more global standards. Group C was an easy group to manage.. But Donovan can’t do it by himself. It was fun while it lasted. ENGLAND? wow! They are going to catch hell aren’t they? Do you think they’ll gut their system? Now I get to fully concentrate on Argentina. Let the games continue.

  6. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – too funny… yeah it seems that, 1966 and again in Germany some 10 plus years ago when England won 5-1 are the things the fans remember….

    Mike – When they are paying the manager as much as they are, you know the English fan will want to send him back to Italy and return to the old style English football, which is kind of how Germany came into this tournament…


  7. StlCardinals06 says:

    Love the A-Rod bashing..Can’t stand the man(child). The World Cup was awesome, even sitting here in a America, and even though the loss sucks, you can’t help but appreciate what Ghana did. http://stlcardinals06.mlblogs.com/

  8. crzblue2 says:

    Still watchign the World Cup even if USA is not in it anymore but I was born in Honduras where soccer is the number one sport.
    Hey I saw A-Rod and Torre shook hands on Sunday. My friend Lore took the picture as I was too late to do so with my camera.
    I’ve been selected to the MLB Asll-Star FanFest volunteer team! Just got the email!

  9. raysrenegade says:

    Wonder how many MLB players (besides Griffey Sr) ever got to seetheir sons drafted while they were still playing in the league?
    Hearing that Jamie Moyer’s son was drafted is awesome,but I think hemight take some college time and secure a better spot in the draft…..But it is still a great thought to know another generation of Moyer blood is onyl over the horizon.
    As for A-Rod…..I loved him as a Mariner, thought little of him as a Ranger, think even less now ashe wears those NYY stripes. I still think he is a great player, but not the generational player he was hyped to be……Right now that honor goes to Albert Pujols in my opinion…But we still have time for a change there too.

    Ghana will not win the World Cup, but their win over the USA was about as easy a reference point that an yone, anytime,anywhere can beat the best at their own game….

    Rays Renegade


  10. raysfanboy says:

    Funny, I used to like A-Rod. He was so talented in Seattle. Then he signed that big contract with Texas and I started to resent him. Then he went to New York, and his brain stopped working. I don’t know what is wrong with that idiot, but I have long since stopped caring.


  11. phillies_phollowers says:

    I had that MLBTV a few years back so I could see games while I travelled, but it was useless…all blacked out. Good luck with it though…if I could have actually seen games, it would have been pretty cool.


  12. devilabrit says:

    STL06 – A-Rod is the kind of guy that likes to be hated, I think, he is one of those that is indigenous to the thought that bad press is good press….

    Emma – Congrats on the selection… wow we should be watchin for you on TV then …

    RR – I have a feeling Brazil is on target to win this year, it’s just the way the stars are aligning….

    RFB – I hear ya, I think A-Rod lost something with the payroll enhancement…

    Jenn – I’ve had MLBTV since 2005 haven’t had any realy problems, they have finally sorted out the blackout, it always worked off your ISP’s zip code, now it’s your actual location, you just have to call them and tell them when they black you out that your not there you here… LOL and since I get the HD etc it works really good when I have it fed through to the big screen tv….


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